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  1. Android News

    dbrand shows off its Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ skins ahead of schedule

    dbrand is already listing its selection of skins for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. The skins will run for $11.99.
  2. Android News

    dbrand introduces an all-new "grippy" case

    dbrand has long been known for its precision-cut skins for smartphones, laptops and even console controllers. But it can also pull off some pretty vicious-looking videos sometimes. Take this video for its new Grip phone case. Apparently, an iPhone with a dbrand Grip on can take on immense...
  3. Android News

    DEAL: dbrand discounts the entire store 20% off with the debut their new Black Dragon skin

    To celebrate the launch of the new Black Dragon grip skin from dbrand, the company is discounting their entire store by 20%.
  4. O

    dBrand begins selling Galaxy S8 skins

    dBrand has started selling skins for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus despite the devices not being officially available. The skins start at $9.95.
  5. E

    DEAL: dbrand is having a 30% off sale with $1 global shipping

    Slickwraps just announced their current sale but dbrand is also having one right now too. Right now, you can get 30% off anything in their store, and global shipping only costs $1 too.
  6. Android News

    DEAL: Dbrand releases a new marble skin and is offering 30% off today only

    Popular skin-maker, dbrand, has released a new marble version and to celebrate, is offering 30% off anything in the store.
  7. Android News

    Dbrand is offering the Nexus "X" logo for the back of Pixel and Pixel XL skins

    Popular skin maker, Dbrand, is currently offering Pixel and Pixel XL skins with the Nexus "X" cut out on the back of the device. The skins are priced at $9.95 for the back, $4.95 for the front, and either the "G" or "X" logos for under $1.
  8. Android News

    DEAL: dbrand launches a Hyperblack Titanium skin, discounts everything by 30%

    dbrand has just released a new skin to their store that they're calling Hyperblack Titanium. To celebrate the new addition to the family, you can get 30% off any purchase until Friday at midnight (eastern).
  9. E

    UnboxTherapy and dbrand allegedly rigs their giveaway contests

    Some mysterious YouTube channel was created today to upload a single video with multiple allegations against UnboxTherapy and dbrand rigging their contests. The person behind the channel doesn't even say who they are, and uses a computer voice to spread the allegations.
  10. Android News

    DEAL: dbrand discounts all skins by 30% to celebrate new Concrete design

    dbrand just got in a new design for their smartphone skins, Concrete, and to celebrate, they are discounting the entire store by 30%. There's no coupon required and the sale will last until tomorrow.
  11. Android News

    dbrand has started selling OnePlus 3 skins

    dbrands is now selling skins for the OnePlus 3. dbrand skins allow you to change the look of your phone by applying an adhesive skin to it. The skins start at $9.95.
  12. Android News

    Dbrand claims a Nexus 7P is coming

    The people behind Dbrand skins definitely have a sense of humor and this very well could be them trolling. However, in a recent tweet, Dbrand says they will be releasing a skin for the Nexus 7P
  13. Android News

    dbrand brings back bamboo skins and offers 30% off everything for 48 hours

    In June of last year we saw dbrand launch some bamboo vinyl skins for the products they support. The bad thing was, they were so popular that they sold out in a couple of days. Now that the company has ironed out their supply issues, bamboo skins are back for all the devices they support, and...