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    DeepMind's WaveNet makes Google Assistant sound more natural

    DeepMind was the AI arm behind the improved Google Assistant voices. Their WaveNet technology uses machine learning to produce a more natural sounding voice for AI companions.
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    DeepMind researchers create AI with an ‘imagination’

    Google's DeepMind researchers are working on an AI that is capable of imagining paths in the future.
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    Google announces another partnership for its DeepMind subsidiary

    Google has announced its AI subsidiary, DeepMind, will be used in another UK hospital through its Streams app. This app "sifts data" to warn doctors and nurses about upcoming health problems.
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    Humans can help AI learn games more quickly

    A new study indicates that AI can learn games faster when helped by humans who play the game and effectively "teach" the AI to play the game. Atari 2600 games were used in the study, including Ms. Pac-Man, Q*bert, Space Invaders, Video Pinball, and Montezuma's Revenge.
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    AlphaGo retires from competitive Go after defeating world number one 3-0

    AlphaGo, Google's Deepmind project, will be retired from playing Go after it defeated the world's best player in the game.
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    Google's Deepmind was given 'inappropriate' access to medical data

    According to a leaked letter from the UK's top data advisor, medical information given to Google's Deepmind AI subsidiary was deemed 'legally inappropriate'.
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    Google's AI will take on the world's top Go player next month

    Google's DeepMind AI has been taking on some of the world's top Go players and winning, but this May the AI will finally challenge the world's top human player. 19 year-old Chinese player Ke Jie will face off in a best of three matches against the AI at the Future of Go Summit.
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    Google talks about its DeepMind AI learning to remember previous knowledge

    Among other things, Google is putting a lot of effort into their DeepMind AI networks and it seems to be paying off for them as the weeks go by. The latest advancement is an algorithm that lets the neural network remember past knowledge, which results in it learning more effectively.
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    Google's DeepMind AI has been secretly playing Go online

    Google shocked the world when their DeepMind AI started beating some of the best Go players alive today. The company has recently put its AI online to play other Go players, and it has been able to beat some of the best players 50-0.
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    Google opens its AI platform to more researchers

    Today both Google and OpenAI announced plans to open-source its deep learning code. OpenAI is Elon Musk's platform that can train an AI to perform any task a human can complete on a computer. Meanwhile, Google parent company Alphabet is putting its entire DeepMind Lab codebase on GitHub to...
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    DeepMind CEO says general AI is still decades away

    Speaking at an event in London, DeepMind CEO Mustafa Suleyman says that we're still a long way away from general artificial intelligence becoming something we use in our everyday lives.
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    Google creates the most accurate lip-reading software with DeepMind AI

    Google has partnered with the University of Oxford to use Google's DeepMind AI to create the most accurate lip-reading software ever. The software annotated video footage with 46.8% accuracy, compared to a human which is only accurate 12.4% of the time.
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    Google's DeepMind will help alert UK doctors if a patient has a kidney injury

    Alphabet has just announced they've signed a 5 year deal with the UK’s Royal Free London NHS (National Health Service) Foundation Trust. They will be using an app from the company's DeepMind project that will alert UK doctors if a patient has a kidney injury.
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    Google's DeepMind project partners with Blizzard to research StarCraft II AI

    Google has made history with the way DeepMind has challenged human players in Go, and now it seems they'd like to take it further. They have just announced a partnership with Blizzard to see how they can enhance the artificial intelligence in the popular strategy game, StarCraft II.
  15. Android News

    Google is experimenting with a form of memory-augmented neural network

    Google's DeepMind neural network is great at making quick, reactive decisions, but it's not so great at making careful, complex choices. However, Google is experimenting with a type of memory-augmented neural network that could eventually help you to navigate the subway.
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    Google wants to use DeepMind to prepare treatments for head and neck cancers

    Google is using its DeepMind neural networks for all sorts of things like reducing data center costs, playing games, and now they want to help doctors with certain types of cancers. Cancers in and around the head and neck are difficult to treat because of their location. This means it takes a...
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    Google's DeepMind AI is helping Google's data center cut power use by 15%

    We know that Google's DeepMind AI is great at playing Go and figuring out how to Montezuma's Revenge, but Google has now put it to work at its data centers to help reduce power consumption. The end result is a 40% drop in energy consumption in used to cool the facilities and an overall 15% drop...
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    Google's AI learned how to play Montezuma's Revenge

    Google's DeepMind AI already knew how to play dozens of Atari 2600 games, but one game it could never understand was Montezuma's Revenge. The game's difficulty caused the AI to give up after 2 levels as it offered no incentive for playing such a hard game. Google created an incentive algorithm...
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    Google’s Android security team wants to use machine learning to assess the risk of malware

    Google's Android security team feels that if they continue on the black vs. white path when it comes to malware then it won't get them to where they need to go. Instead, Adrian Ludwig wants to take a page from credit card companies where they build 'risk profiles' for person, and then apply it...
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    Go world champion is scheduled to compete against Google's DeepMind AI before the end of the year

    The current world champion of Go had previously said he didn't want any part in Google's AlphaGo AI. He had said he didn't want the AI copying his techniques and learning from him but it seems like he's changed his mind recently. China’s number one Go grandmaster, Ke Jie, watched the match it...
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    Google has reportedly created a kill switch for its AI in case it starts to cause harm

    Artificial intelligence can do humanity a lot of good, but science fiction has made us paranoid about them starting to go rogue and harm humanity. DeepMind, the AI company Google acquired in 2014 have teamed with scientists at the University of Oxford and published a paper that says AI should...
  22. Android News

    Google's AlphaGo AI beats Go World champion in final match

    World Champion Go player Lee Se-dol was not able to keep up with Google's AlphaGo AI during the final match today. Lee Se-dol did manage to beat AlphaGo one time, but the AI program came out of top, winning four of the five matches between the two.
  23. Android News

    AlphaGo beats Lee Se-dol again to take Google DeepMind Challenge series

    Google's Deepmind artificial intelligence program AlphaGo has just won its third game against Go world champion Lee Sedol. AlphaGo and Lee Sedol were scheduled to play a total of five games of Go with a $1 million prize on the line. With yesterday's win, AlphaGo took the title and won the...
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    Go world champion loses second game to Google's AlphaGO Deepmind AI

    The second game of Go between Google's AlphaGO Deepmind AI and world champion Go player Lee Sedol has finished, having AlphaGO its second consecutive win. If AlphaGO is able to best Lee Sedol in one more game, it'll be the first time that an AI has been able to beat a world champion Go player.
  25. Android News

    Google's AlphaGO Deepmind AI wins in first match against Go World Champion

    Google's Deepmin artificial intelligence program AlphaGo has just won its first game against Go world champion Lee Sedol. AlphaGo and Lee Sedol will play a total of five games of Go with a $1 million prize on the line. While AI has been able to master countless strategy games over the years, Go...