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  1. Android News

    Deezer's 'SongCatcher' is their version of Shazam's song ID

    Deezer is launching a new feature called SongCatcher that can identify any song. Upon identification, you can easily add it to your library and playlists.
  2. Android News

    DEAL: Get 3 months of Deezer Premium+ for $0.99 if you have a Google Home

    Google Home's promotions page has added one new offer for you to take advantage of: 3 months of Deezer Premium+ for $0.99.
  3. Android News

    New Google Home features include voice calls, more music services and more

    Amazon recently announced they would be bringing voice calls to their Echo devices, and now Google says they'll be doing the same for Google Home. Not only that, but Google Home is also getting support for Spotify’s free music offering, Soundcloud and Deezer. They even announced Google Home can...
  4. Android News

    EU tech companies file complaints against Google, Apple, and Facebook

    Some EU tech companies are filing complaints against the top America internet companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple for using their dominating market positions to unfairly promote their products and services above others. Spotify, for instance, cites an issue when Apple rejected an app...
  5. Android News

    Deezer tracks now play in Twitter timelines

    Deezer and Twitter have partnered up to introduce a new feature. When sharing a Deezer track to Twitter, people can now listen to that track directly within their timeline instead of having to be jumped out to the app.
  6. Android News

    Should you switch from Spotify to Deezer? Probably not

    Deezer has recently launched its music streaming service in the US and Billy from Engadget looks at whether it's worth switching from something like Spotify or Apple Music. He suggests that while the library is fairly extensive, Deezer just doesn't hold up against the likes of Spotify.
  7. Android News

    Music streaming app Deezer now available in the US

    Deezer has finally launched in the US. Deezer is one of the biggest music streaming service worldwide, as it is in over 180 countries with over 40 million tracks on offer. Deezer was previously available in the US, but only through partnerships with Sonos and Bose. Now, anyone can enjoy Deezer...
  8. Android News

    Stitcher, and the team behind it, has been acquired by E.W. Scripps Company for $4.5 million

    Deezer is a developer team that got popular with the release of their podcast application, Stitcher. Now, it's being reported that the E.W. Scripps Company has acquired the app along with the talent for $4.5 million.
  9. Android News

    Music streaming app Deezer adds Android Auto support

    Deezer today released a new update. The music streaming service now supports Android Auto, so you have a safer and easier way to manage your tunes in the car.
  10. Android News

    Deezer music streaming service to be preloaded on Honor devices

    A new partnership between Deezer and Huawei will see Deezer's music streaming app pre-installed on Honor devices in all market, except for the US.
  11. Rob

    The Beatles collection finally available on 9 streaming music services

    Finally, fans of The Beatles will be able to stream their music starting at Midnight on Christmas Eve from 9 different streaming services including Google Play Music, Spotify, and Slacker.