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  1. Android News

    T-Mobile rolling out DIGITS to everyone

    T-Mobile is rolling out its DIGITS service to all its customers for free starting May 31st. Customers can add a new line for only $10 a month when using AutoPay and T-Mobile ONE Plus customers get an extra DIGITS line.
  2. Android News

    It seems that T-Mobile's new Digits service is exposing people's account details

    Daniel from XDA tested out T-Mobile's new Digits service and found a huge flaw in the system. After choosing a number, people are being asked to review the registration details, but are given the name, email and phone number of a different person's account.
  3. Android News

    T-Mobile's Digits lets you call and text on all your devices

    T-Mobile's new Digits program allows you to use your phone number across all your devices. Starting today, postpaid customers can sign up to try a beta of the service, while T-Mobile says it will be ready for prime time sometime next year.