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display panels

  1. Android News

    Panasonic announces new IPS display panel with 1000 Nits brightness

    Panasonic has announced the "industry's first" IPS liquid crystal display panel. The display features a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and 1000 NIts brightness.
  2. Android News

    This new VR display measures in at 651 pixels-per-inch and a 90 Hz refresh rate

    Japan Display has announced a new VR display which measures in at 3.42-inches with a resolution of 1,440 x 1,700. This works out to be 651 pixels-per-inch and will remove the "screen-door effect" when using VR headsets which means that you can see the lines between pixels. The company also...
  3. Android News

    LG Display to increase flexible OLED production with $1.75 billion investment

    LG Display is working on a new production line in South Korea which will allow the company to meet the increased demand for flexible OLED display panels. The $1.75 billion investment will allow the company to produce OLED 15,000 inupt sheets each month when the production line is completed in...
  4. Android News

    Samsung reportedly spending $6.82B to increase AMOLED production

    According to a report from Nikkei, Samsung plans to spend around $6.8 billion to boost its smartphone OLED panel production capacity by over 50% or 200 million panels per year, and the company can already ship 300 million panels each year. Reports state that Samsung will supply 100 million...