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distribution numbers

  1. Android News

    Google releases Android's distribution numbers for for April 2017

    We're getting close to the end of the first week of April and today Google released some updated distribution numbers for Android. We can see that Nougat is now at 4.9%, Marshmallow is at 31.3%, Lollipop is at 31%, and KitKat is at 20%.
  2. Android News

    December's Android distribution numbers show Nougat hitting 0.4%

    Along with December's monthly security update, Google also released this month's distribution numbers as well. This month we see Nougat reaching 0.4% of the active install base, Marshmallow is at 26.3%, Lollipop takes up 34%, KitKat is at 24% now and the remaining is for Jelly Bean, Ice Cream...
  3. Android News

    Google publishes Android's distribution numbers for September

    We generally get Android's monthly distribution numbers at the start of the month, but Google ended up delaying it this month. Marshmallow has hit 18.7%, Lollipop is at 35%, KitKat is at 27.7%, Jelly Bean is at 15.6%, ICS is at 1.4%, Gingerbread is at 1.5% and Froyo is still holding on at 0.1%.
  4. Android News

    Google releases Android distribution numbers for June 2016

    Over on the Android Developers website, you'll notice that Google has just released the distribution numbers for Android from data collected during a 7-day period ending on June 6, 2016. This puts Marshmallow at 10.1%, Lollipop at 35.4%, KitKat at 31.6%, Jelly Bean at 18.9%, Ice Cream Sandwich...