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  1. Android News

    DOJ files anti-trust lawsuit over AT&T and Time Warner merger

    The US Justice Department has filed an antitrust lawsuit against AT&T to block the massive communications company from purchasing Time Warner, one of the world's biggest entertainment conglomerates.
  2. Android News

    AT&T may have to sell some assets to appease DOJ for Time Warner deal

    Reports suggest the United States Department of Justice is considering filing an anti-trust suit against AT&T in its Time Warner deal. The DOJ wants either Time Warner to sell Turner Broadcasting or AT&T to sell DirecTV.
  3. Android News

    Second of 2 Android app pirates pleads guilty for distributing pirated Android apps

    The DoJ has just announced Aaron Blake Buckley has pleaded guilty for running an Android application piracy service called Applanet. This was the same case that Gary Edwin Sharp II pleaded guilty for back in January. Sharp also admitted to running a separate Android app piracy service called...
  4. Android News

    Department of Justice announces successful breach of terrorist's iPhone 5c

    The Apple privacy and security saga has come to an abrupt end. The Department of Justice and FBI announced a successful breach of the iPhone 5c used by one of the terrorists who coordinated recent attacks in San Bernardino, CA. The government originally asserted that they had no way of breaching...
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    The DoJ asks the courts to vacate tomorrow's hearing with Apple

    The Department of Justice has just filed a vacate document with the courts to cancel(or just postpone) their court hearing with Apple that was scheduled for tomorrow. It seems the FBI was able to get in touch with some hackers that showed them their method of hacking into the iPhone 5c. If it...