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donald trump

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    Donald Trump has been using an iPhone lately, but still hasn't ditched his old Android phone

    It's been reported that Trump has been using an unsecured Samsung phone since he became president, but that might be changing soon. It seems multiple tweets lately have come from an iPhone, but it's unclear if that switch will be permanent.
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    Trump finally trades his Android phone for an iPhone

    CNBC reports that trump has finally traded in his Android phone for a secured iPhone. The president was criticized for his use of an insecure and dated Android phone that had many security holes even after his inauguration.
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    Congressman wants an investigation into Donald Trump's Android phone

    A US Congressman has requested of the House an investigation of Donald Trump's use of a potentially insecure Android phone. It's said Trump is still using the Samsung Galaxy S3, which has a large list of known vulnerabilities.
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    97 companies including Google, Apple, and Microsoft oppose Trump's travel ban

    Trump's travel ban that seems to be targeting immigrants from Muslim-majority countries is being opposed by 97 companies including the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Uber. All companies have signed an amicus brief to expose how immigrants have shaped the American economy.
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    Create your own Trump executive order memes with 'Donald Draws: Executive Doodle' app

    Have a Trump executive order meme idea of your own? You can now create it yourself with the new Donald Draws: Executive Doodle app which is now available on the Play Store. It allows you to upload images or draw your own picture which will then be proudly displayed by Donald Trump.
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    Google's co-founder joined immigration order protests in San Francisco

    Sergey Brin joined hundreds of protesters at San Franciso International Airport to protest President Trump’s immigration order. While Brin is president of Alphabet (Google's parent company), he attended the protest “in a personal capacity.” The only comment shared by Sergey Brin was “I’m here...
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    Google recalls more than 100 staff members following Trump’s U.S. entry ban

    After the President Trump signed a new executive order which shuts down entry to the US for citizens of select countries, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai isued a memo to Googlers to return to the ASAP. However, it seems that more than 150 staff members have been affected, including some that were...
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    Trump may still be using his old Android phone

    Reports ahead of President Trump's inauguration suggested he was still using an Android phone, but was expected to turn it in for something more secure. 5 days into his presidency, it seems he is still using that personal phone.
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    Trump trades in his Android device for more 'secure' one ahead of inauguration

    Donald Trump has traded in his Android device for a new Secret Service approved iPhone with a new number that "few people possess."
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    Oculus founder tied to meme-centric Donald Trump group, loses developer support

    Oculus founder Palmer Luckey has been tied to the account NimbleRichMan from Nimble America, a group pushing anti-Hillary memes in support of Donald Trump, and the development community has swiftly and negatively responded. Although he has pledged support for Gary Johnson in a public apology...
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    Google Opinion Survey compares Donald Trump to your Microwave

    Folks who use Google Opinion Surveys have been reporting the weirdest survey they've ever gotten, asking what their home microwave oven can do better than Donald Trump. What would you have answered?