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    DJI Mavic Air Review - A rookies perspective

    Coming from a rookie's perspective I love the Mavic Air. For me, given the price, it is the perfect drone. It's compact and light enough when folded to take most places, with its massive array of shooting modes you can quickly and easily make great shots and footage. And the quality of that...
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    Check out this Olympic light show provided by over 1,000 drones from Intel

    The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway and to commemorate the event, Intel held an Olympic light show which included over 1,200 "Shooting Star" drons.
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    KFC is selling a chicken wing box that doubles as a drone

    KFC's latest experiment turns your chicken box into a drone. The boxes will be on sale at select Indian locations over the next couple of days.
  4. O

    DJI Mavic Air announced

    The DJI Mavic Air has been officially announced. The drone is more or less what we expected, falling somewhere between the Mavic Pro and Spark and rounding out the company’s current line of consumer-focused quadcopters. Its claim to fame is its incredibly small form factor. The device costs $799...
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    GoPro will stop selling drones once remaining Karma inventory is gone

    GoPro's stock fell nearly 25% after reporting that they are laying off as many as 300 of their staff and exiting the drone business.
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    Deal: $200 off GoPro Karma bundles

    Amazon is taking $200 off GoPro Karma drone bundles. The Hero5 Black bundle is $899 after the discount, while the newer Hero6 model is down to $999.
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    Deal: DJI Mavic Pro for $899

    the latest deal on the DJI Mavic Pro takes the drone down to $899. This is a $100 discount. You can also get $155 off the Fly More bundle.
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    Alphabet's burrito-by-drone deliveries now fly in Australia

    Google X Labs has announced that Project Wing drone deliveries are now being tested in Australia. As with the initial tests, they will look to deliver burritos, but Google has also partnered with pharmacies to test prescription medicine, too.
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    DJI Android app update adds new features to the Mavic and Spark

    DJI released an update to their Android app that adds a couple of features to the two newest drones in the DJI Family, the Spark, and the Mavic. With the new software, both devices now have Dynamic Home Point updating. The feature, when enabled, "allows the aircraft to continuously update the...
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    The Parrot Bebop 2 Power comes with one-hour battery life and new FPV goggles

    Parrot has also gained a reputation for making very good consumer drones, and the company has just announced an upgrade to its most premium model. The Bebop 2 Power can fly for longer than its predecessor, takes smarter photos, and now comes in a stealthy black paint job.
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    DJI Mavic Pro Platinum edition boasts longer battery life

    DJI has revealed the Mavic Pro Platinum edition at this year's IFA convention in Berlin, and it boasts 11 percent more battery life than the original.
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    The Snapchat selfie drone could be Snap Inc’s latest hardware endeavor

    The Snapchat selfie drone could soon be upon us. After the success of Spectacles, Snap Inc is reportedly looking to acquire the company behind the selfie drone.
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    Amazon wants to put a drone hub in your city

    A new patent has been discovered which shows Amazon's potential plans for a drone warehouse hub for delivering and receiving packages.
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    The EU wants to settle on clear drone regulations by 2019

    The United States has already put regulations in place for drones and now it looks like the European Union wants to do the same. The commission has decided they would like to have this done and completed before 2020.
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    GoPro Karma drone launches in the UK

    The GoPro Karma drone has landed in the UK. The drone itself starts at £870, while the bundle with a GoPro Hero 5 will cost you £1,200.
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    There are 770,000 registered drone owners in the US

    It has been found that 770,000 drone owners have registered with the FAA to date. 100,000 of those users have signed up in the past 3 months.
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    The GoPro Karma drone is back on sale today

    After being recalled around the 2016 Holiday season, the GoPro Karma drone is available again through "select retailers" and the GoPro online show.
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    Hands-on with the Hover Camera Passport calls it a selfie drone

    There are multiple drones out there that will fly around and shoot video for you, but the Hover Camera Passport is able to do that while also fitting in your backpack (since you can fold into the size of a VHS tape).
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    Watch Amazon complete their first ever drone delivery

    Amazon has been testing drone delivery for quite some time now. The project has met a major milestone as the company has successfully soft-tested the service with select residents in Cambridge, England. The delivery took around 13 minutes from order to doorstep.
  20. E

    GoPro has recalled their new Karma drone

    If you have purchased the GoPro Karma drone, you should know that the company has just filed for a recall on the device. GoPro tells us that they have discovered a number of units are losing power during regular operation.
  21. admyrick

    Verizon is testing different methods to deliver 4G LTE via drones

    It's known that Verizon has been working on different methods to incorporate drones into its network, but the company is seemingly working on delivering 4G LTE service from drones to first-responders in case of an emergency. These tests included using the unmanned aircraft system to conduct...
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    Sweden now regards drones as surveillance cameras

    The high court in Sweden has ruled that drones fall under the surveillance camera laws for public photography instead of a personal camera. There is a key difference in those classifications. A drone is considered a surveillance camera because the device can be used to record areas where the...
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    Verizon may offer data plans for drones

    The Wall Street Journal reports that Verizon is in talks with drone makers to hook drones up with cellular data connectivity. This could pave the way for things like remote drone control or more flexible options for streaming video and sharing photos from the drone.
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    Google's Project Wing drones are now delivering burritos

    Google's Project Wing is testing its drone delivery system at Virginia Polytechnic and State University by delivering burritos from Chipotle. The university's students and staff can join in on the test, but it does cost them $5.99 for the delivery service (the money goes to a local food bank)...
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    Specs and pricing of the DJI Mavic Pro compared to the GoPro Karma and DJI Phantom 4

    DJI just announced their latest drone, the Mavic Pro, and it's surprisingly light, compact and portable. Joe of Phandroid has put together a chart that compares the specs and price of this new drone to the GoPro Karma and DJI Phantom 4 to help you decide on which one meets your criteria.