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  1. Android News

    Google Duo gets video messages

    Google has announced video messages for Google Duo. You can now leave a message whenever someone misses your call.
  2. Android News

    Google Duo will finally get multi-device support

    The latest version of Google Duo is rolling out, which reveals that the application will soon support being logged in through multiple devices.
  3. Android News

    Google Duo is getting major new features, including group calls

    Justin Uberti, lead engineer of Google Duo and WebRTC, took it to twitter to share the 2018 roadmap for the service, revealing smart displays with Duo video calls are coming soon. Uberti also confirmed Duo will be getting features like web app support and group calling.
  4. Android News

    Amit Fulay, head of product for Allo and Duo, has moved to Facebook

    Amit Fulay has left Google's Allo and Duo team as product manager to move into a new role at Facebook. It's unclear what his role at Facebook will be, and the future of Allo and Duo remains uncertain.
  5. Android News

    Google Duo shows up in a Katy Perry music video

    Google Duo was placed in a Katy Perry music video, which may have been intentional product placement marketing paid for by Google. Oddly enough, it's the iOS version of Duo photoshopped onto an Android phone.
  6. Android News

    Google Phone app gets dedicated 'Video call' option that launches Duo

    Google has finally enabled a dedicated 'Video call' option in its Phone app. The option in question shows up while you make a normal call, and tapping on it launches the Duo app, switching you to a video call.
  7. Android News

    APK Teardown reveals new changes coming to Duo 21

    The latest Duo update shows the developers are working on including brightness, contrast, and saturation settings for a future version.
  8. Android News

    Google Blog: Making video calling easier on your Android phone

    Google is bringing an update to Pixel, Pixel 2, Nexus, and Android One devices that will make video calling an integrated part of your phone. You can now start a video call directly from where you call or text message your friends, through your Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps. Later...
  9. Android News

    Google Duo will be integrated into the Pixel's dialer, SMS, and contacts apps

    With the latest versions of the Google Pixel's Phone app, Contacts app, and Android Messages app (13.0, 2.1, and 2.6 respectively), and as seen on the Google Pixel 2, you'll be able to see a video icon next to a contact's name who is already using Duo. This'll allow you to contact them without...
  10. Android News

    Google Duo readying more robust customization

    Google Duo may be getting more robust customization options soon. An APK teardown shows evidence of forthcoming functionality to allow adjustments to exposure, white balance, and even some cool color effects.
  11. Android News

    Duo v16 adds new notification types and Notification Channels on Android O

    A new update to the video chat app Duo is out with a few changes. Notifications are a significant part of this release with a new toggle in settings for all users and full support for Notification Channels on Android O. And for some users, there are a few tweaks to the UI of the Audio/Video...
  12. Android News

    Google's Duo has been on the Play Store for a whole year

    It has been over a year since Google introduced its two new messaging apps - Allo and Duo. While Allo was a standard messaging app, Duo attempted to make mobile video calling as easy as possible. And today, the app turns one year old.
  13. Android News

    Take a walk through the wasteland of Google’s messaging solutions

    Google has four messaging services that are still active. That's three too many. Here's a peek at why messaging is so fragmented on Android and how Google's missteps got us here.
  14. Android News

    Google Duo brings video calls to Truecaller

    Truecaller made a bunch of announcements for version 8 of the app, including a planned integration with Google Duo. Both users need to have the Google Duo app installed, so this isn't some magical built-in Duo tech but it's more like a quick shortcut to launch a video call without leaving the...
  15. Android News

    Google Duo boss reports app’s 8MB per minute data usage

    Google's Justin Uberti has confirmed that Duo uses upwards of 8MB per minute while video chatting using the app.
  16. Android News

    Duo now integrates with your phone's call history

    Last month, it started to look like Duo would add its own calls to your phone's call history. While the app asked users for permission to manage the call history, it didn't actually work yet. Now it seems like Google has flipped the server-side switch, and the feature is now working.
  17. Android News

    Google Duo Surpasses 100 Million Downloads

    Google Duo on Android has surpassed 100 million downloads. The app has been struggling to grow, so this is an impressive milestone.
  18. Android News

    The latest version of Google Allo prepares to integrate Google Duo

    An APK teardown of Google Allo v11 shows that Google is preparing to introduce Duo integration into the application.
  19. Android News

    Latest Duo update now supports Android O's picture-in-picture mode

    Google is rolling out their latest update to Duo and this brings its version number up to 11. This update includes support for Android O' picture-in-picture mode, and an APK teardown shows hints of a call history feature.
  20. Android News

    Google Duo reaches 50 million downloads on the Play Store

    Google Duo has finally reached 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store, reaching that much faster than its sibling app, Google Allo.
  21. Android News

    Truecaller to add Google's Duo video-calling later this year

    True caller has announced that it will be adding video calling to its app later this year with integration with Google's Duo. Google has not announced a public API for Duo, but it looks like other app developers may soon be able to add Duo video calling to their apps as well.
  22. Android News

    Google Duo audio calls rolling out worldwide

    Google Duo is now getting audio calls worldwide, as announced by head of product for Allo and Duo. The feature previously was being trialed in the US. As you'd expect, it lets you place voice calls in case video isn't desirable.
  23. Android News

    Google is adding an "audio-only" call option to Google Duo, with a catch

    Google has announced that Duo will be receiving an audio-only call option, but the feature will only be available for users in Brazil.
  24. Android News

    Duo 5.1 update released to fix audio bug

    Google has released the 5.1 update for Duo, fixing a bug which causes audio not to work for certain Android devices.
  25. Android News

    Micromax launches new Vdeo range of VoLTE smartphones

    Micromax has teamed up with Google to launch a series of affordable VoLTE smartphones in India. The Vdeo 1 and Vdeo 2 will come preloaded with Google Duo and a Reliance Jio sim with three months of unlimited free data and voice calling.