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  1. Android News

    Ecobee Switch+ with built-in Alexa launching March 26th

    Pre-orders for the Ecobee Switch+ are open now with shipping expected to begin March 26. It'll cost $99 and $119 for the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Android News

    ecobee Announces Integration with the Google Assistant

    ecobee, Inc. today announced integration with the Google Assistant, enabling homeowners in Canada and the U.S. to control all ecobee smart thermostats through eligible Android phones, iPhones and voice activated speakers like Google Home.
  3. Android News

    The Ecobee4 is now available for purchase for $249

    The Ecobee4 was announced with Amazon Alexa integration, and now the smart thermostat is available for purchase for $249.
  4. Android News

    Latest Ecobee update adds geofencing to its companion app

    Ecobee just pushed out a new update to its companion application that adds a geofencing feature. This way, when the application detects when you're home, the thermostat can be automatically set to a desired temperature.
  5. Android News

    Ecobee's new smart thermostat has Alexa built in

    Ecobee has unveiled its latest smart thermostat, which will feature support for Alexa. Users will be able to change the temperature of the thermostat using their voice anywhere in the house. The thermostat starts at $249 and will be available on May 15.
  6. Android News

    DEAL: You can grab the Ecobee3 smart thermostat for $176 at Amazon right now

    Amazon typically charges $250 for the Ecobee3 smart thermostat but right now you can pick it up for 29% off at $176.16 with free shipping.
  7. Android News

    Ecobee drops support for rooted phones

    Ecobee's smart thermostats will no longer work with phones that are rooted or have custom firmware. The reason is due to Ecobee's use of Android's built-in key store to enhance the platform's security. As a result, it can no longer work on these open devices.
  8. Android News

    ecobee announces the ecobee3 lite for $170

    ecobee is known for their smart thermostat, but the regular model can be too expensive for some people. The company has just announced the ecobee3 lite, which will be $80 cheaper than a Nest.
  9. Android News

    Amazon updates the Echo so you can control your Ecobee thermostat with it

    The latest update to Amazon's Echo speaker is the ability to connect to another smart thermostat. This update lets the Echo connect to the Ecobee thermostat and from there you can control the heating, AC, etc. directly with your voice.