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    Some think more devices will be priced at $1,000 or more

    Top-tier smartphones have always been a reasonably expensive purchase, but the close to $1,000 price tag of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone refresh has put many consumer heads (and wallets) into a spin. They’re ultra-expensive, no doubt, but some will argue that the sheer amount of...
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    Understanding what HDR is and how it affects cameras and displays

    HDR. You may have come across this term several times, perhaps even in the course of just today. It seems it is everywhere now and everyone is talking about it. But what is HDR? It's in your TV, it's in your phone. It may even be in your camera but is that even the same?
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    Some think the Essential Phone was released as a beta but is turning into a good phone

    Essential, the nascent hardware startup run by former head of Android, Andy Rubin, has been embroiled in this kind of controversy — if you can call it that — over the past couple of weeks. Essential committed the worst sin a new company can make: it released a product before it was ready.
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    Some think that the Galaxy S8 Plus is a better value than the Note 8

    We knew it would be expensive, but $929 for an unlocked unit is a lot. When you look at Samsung’s current lineup, you have to ask yourself if the Galaxy Note 8 is a big enough upgrade over the already-excellent Galaxy S8 Plus to justify the price. Are the dual cameras and the S Pen worth a $255...
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    Some wonder if Essential's startup advantage will come back to haunt it

    Andy Rubin's Essential can be more agile and innovative than the big guys. But will that be enough?
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    Some think Sundar Pichai should resign as Google's CEO

    After the debacle surrounding Google's diversity memo, some think that the biggest problem was how CEO Sundar Pichai handled the situation and are calling for his resignation.
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    5 different smartphone features which are disappearing or no longer exist

    We’ve seen a lot of smartphone features come and go over the years for a variety of reasons, so let’s take a look at a handful of smartphone features that have trended down or no longer exist in the smartphone world.
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    Some think that DxOMark scores are "basically worthless"

    After DxOMark gave the OnePlus 5 a camera score of 87, Alex from Android Central explains why these scores don't matter as it highlights the flaws in the rating system.
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    What Google Lens means for the future of augmented reality

    Adam from Android Authority takes a look at Google Lens and how the upcoming app impacts artificial intelligence and augmented reality for Google.
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    Some think HTC needs to do more than provide great hardware to make a comeback

    David from Android Authority takes a look at HTC's history and states that the company has a lot of work to do if it wants to make a comeback. That statement comes regardless of how well the HTC U11 performs.
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    Some think that every device should have a second screen on the back

    Adam from PocketNow takes a look at devices like the YotaPhone and the rumored Meizu Pro 7 which are said to feature a display on the back. He claims that this could potentially be a useful piece of tech, "depending on how it's implemented."
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    Some think that OnePlus overextended itself regarding camera performance on the OnePlus 5

    Andrew from Android Central takes a look at the OnePlus 5 camera and how the company has handled the new device. He believes that OnePlus overextended itself regarding claims about camera performance.
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    Some feel the original Huawei Watch is still one of the best

    Despite being released 2 years ago, Alex from Android Central explains why he thinks the original Huawei Watch is still one of the best Android Wear smartwatches available.
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    Some think flagship phones are lagging behind in the battery life race

    Ashley from Phandroid has published an opinion piece regarding the battery life of flagship devices compared to other options available on the market.
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    Some think that HTC still has a lot of work to do

    Despite the HTC U11 getting off to a great start, Adam from PocketNow thinks that HTC has a lot of work to do before being considered a "major power" again.
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    Some think that the OnePlus 5 confirms OnePlus is "growing up"

    Adam from PocketNow has published a piece which suggests that the OnePlus 5 shows how much OnePlus has grown over the years, and transformed into a formidable opponent to the likes of LG and Samsung.
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    A look at the OnePlus 5's value proposition

    Kris from Android Authority takes a look at the OnePlus 5 and whether it truly offers that much more value over devices like the Galaxy S8.
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    Android Go is Google's plan to move to 3 billion users

    Daniel from Android Central has published an editorial looking at Android Go and how Google plans to expand its user base to 3 billion users.
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    Google is focusing on building app features, not building features into Android

    Jacob from The Verge takes a look at what was announced during the I/O 2017 keynote, and states that the event confirmed that Google is more interested in building features into apps, versus building new features into Android.
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    The rise of the Android-powered car

    Kirsten from The Verge takes a look at Google's efforts to bring Android into cars on a more regular basis.
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    Some suggest that it's time for Google to be "boring"

    Vlad from The Verge has published an editorial explaining that it's time for Google to be boring with its I/O 2017 event as the company has other 'behind-the-scenes' projects it should be focusing on.
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    The Galaxy S8’s curved display is actually its worst feature

    Chris from Phandroid takes a look at the Galaxy S8's curved display to see if it's worth all the hype. However, due to the weird aspect ratio and videos that are cut off, he has decided to move back to his ZTE Axon 7.
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    Some think Google should cut-out the middle man for its monthly Android security updates

    Andrew from Ars Technica has published an opinion editorial which suggests that Google should cut out carriers and manufacturers when it releases monthly Android security updates.
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    What we want to see from the Pixel 2

    Kris from Android Authority has published a list of various features that he wants to see with the Pixel 2. The list includes a better design, water-resistance, better speakers, and more.
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    Here are the best OEM specific features

    Robert from Android Authority has compiled a list of some of the best OEM-specific features. The list includes Samsung Pay, HTC's BoomSound, and more.