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  1. Android News

    The EFF reopens its case against Google for privacy issues in the education sector

    The EFF has reopened its case against Google, Microsoft, and Apple in regards to the way student privacy is handled.
  2. Android News

    The EFF has withdrawn the recent Verizon spyware claims

    The EFF recently accused Verizon of installing spyware on a number of their phones. However, Verizon has told the EFF that AppFlash would initially work on just a single phone -- a midlevel device called the LG K20 V -- as a test and that customers would have to opt in to use the app.
  3. Android News

    The EFF has accused T-Mobile of violating net neutrality because of its throttled video

    T-Mobile seemed to already be tiptoeing very close to the net neutrality line when they introduced their Binge On feature and the EFF feels the company has taken it too far with their newly announced unlimited plan.
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    4stream.tv is No Longer a Binge On Partner Because of the Comments the T-Mobile CEO Made

    If you aren't aware yet, T-Mobile's CEO has been on the attack lately because of the accusations of bandwidth throttling due to the Binge On service. In light of recent comments made by John Legere, 4stream.tv is no longer participating in the Binge On service. Asking T-Mobile to be more honest...
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    T-Mobile's John Legere got the internet worked up over EFF comments

    John Legere is not stranger to controversy, and his latest comments aimed at the EFF have ruffled more than a few feathers. In a Q&A, Legere asked "Who the f*** are you?" when posed a question by the EFF. The internet has been than happy to answer.
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    The EFF Confirms that T-Mobile is Throttling All Video Traffic with Binge On

    YouTube recently accused T-Mobile of throttling their video traffic. T-Mobile responded and said that they were simply 'optimizing' video traffic, not throttling users. Well, the EFF just published a report today that confirms T-Mobile is indiscriminately throttling all video traffic down to...