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emui 5.0

  1. Android News

    Huawei P9 and several Honor devices getting EMUI 5.0 update

    Huawei has confirmed that it will update the Honor 8, Honor 6X, Honor 5C, and Huawei P9 this week with EMUI 5.0. The Honor 8 Lite will launch in China next week and will be the first phone to feature EMUI 5.0 out of the box.
  2. Android News

    Huawei is rolling out EMUI 5.0 to the Honor 6X right now

    If you have the Honor 6X then you can look forward to receiving a big update soon. This will bring your EMUI version up to 5.0, and it is also the big Android 7.0 Nougat update too.
  3. Android News

    Android Nougat comes to the Huawei P9 Plus in Europe

    Some European users have started receiving the EMUI 5.0 update on their Huawei P9 Plus devices. This update is based on Android Nougat and brings the latest and greatest software features to the device.
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    Some Honor 6X users are seeing the beta update to Nougat

    After opening the Android Nougat beta program to owners of the Honor 6X, it seems that some users have already started receiving the software update on their devices.
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    Huawei says the P9 will get its global Nougat update in Q1

    Huawei released the P9's Nougat update in China back in December and now they're getting close to a global release. The company's India division just sent out a tweet that says the update is expected before the end of March.
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    How To: Change the font style in EMUI 5.0 without root

    The folks at XDA Developers have published a tutorial on how to change the font style for devices running EMUI 5.0.
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    The Indian Honor 8 can now be updated to Android Nougat via EMUI 5.0

    Huawei is officially pushing the EMUI 5.0 update, which is based on Android Nougat, to users everywhere, including India.
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    The Honor 8's Nougat rollout should begin today

    The Android Nougat update for the Honor 8 with EMUI 5.0 should begin rolling out today. In addition to all the Nougat-specific improvements like split-screen multitasking and improved standby time, but EMUI 5.0 update should also include an app drawer, a redesigned notification shade and UI...
  9. Android News

    Huawei begins rolling out Android Nougat and EMUI 5.0 to the Honor 8

    Huawei has started rolling out the EMUI 5.0 update for the Honor 8 across the globe. The update is based on Android Nougat and weighs in at 2.27GB.
  10. Android News

    Some Honor 8 owners may receive their Nougat OTA update on January 16th

    We were under the impression that the Honor 8 would be updated to Nougat sometime in February, but a press release from the company’s Japanese office says it will start on January 16th. This could just be in Japan though, with a wider release scheduled for February, but at least some Honor 8...
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    Huawei says the Honor 8 will get the EMUI 5.0 Nougat update in February

    As we get to the end of the year, OEMs are putting their Nougat update plans into action. The Honor 8 has become a popular device for the company, but we're told it won't receive the Android 7.0 Nougat update (with EMUI 5.0) until February.
  12. Android News

    A few dozen lucky Honor 8 owners will get a chance to beta test EMUI 5.0

    Huawei's Mate 9 comes with EMUI 5.0, but the company isn't ready to fully release the update for the Honor 8 just yet. However, they are looking for 55 owners of the FRD-L04 version and 10 owners of the FRD-L02 variant to test out the upcoming update right now.
  13. Android News

    Leak reveals the Huawei P9's Android Nougat Beta build

    Wondering what Android Nougat on the Huawei P9 will look like? A leaked OTA update link managed to slip out, giving the folks at XDA-Developers to download and install the software update. For the most part, EMUI 5.0 on top of Android Nougat looks the same as the previous build, but there are a...