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essential products

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    Essential says their goal is to push out monthly security updates

    The official Twitter account for the new Essential Phone recently spoke about security updates. The company says they're committed to frequent updates and says they hope to be able to stick to a monthly schedule.
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    Spigen says Essential Products is infringing on their trademark of the word Essential

    It seems as if Spigen applied for a trademark for the term Essential back in August of 2016 and they're accusing Andy Rubin's company of infringing on their trademark. Essential released a statement saying "While it’s Spigen’s prerogative to make assertions, Essential believes they are without...
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    Essential Products confirm the Essential Phone will have an unlockable bootloader

    Someone on Twitter asked if we would be able to unlock the bootloader of the Essential Phone. The official Twitter account replied and said the phone will ship with a bootloader that can be unlocked.
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    Some wonder if we would care about the Essential Phone if it wasn't from Andy Rubin

    There's been a lot of hype surrounding the new Essential Phone from the creator of Android. However, XDA has an opinion piece up right now that asks if there would be as much hype of Andy Rubin wasn't behind the project.
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    Here are the patents around the new Essential Phone

    Yesterday we learned that Essential Products use a shell company to hide the patents and trademarks they were applying for from prying eyes. So now that we know the company name, we get a look at the patents the company now owns.
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    Andy Rubin's Essential phone officially announced

    The Godfather of Android Andy Rubin has officially revealed his company's Essential Phone. It's an Android Nougat flagship featuring dual cameras, a Snapdragon 835, and 4GB of RAM. Its standout feature is a modular system for attaching accessories, with one of the first being a 360-degree camera.
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    Essential smartphone teased in a silhouette photo

    Earlier we learned that the Essential phone will be unveiled on May 30th, but now the official Twitter account has teased a silhouette image of the phone in someone's hand.
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    It looks like Andy Rubin's Essential smartphone has been spotted on GFXBench

    A smartphone with the model number FIH-PM1 has appeared on GFXBench and is being reported as Andy Rubin's new Essential smartphone. If true, the device will have the Snapdragon 835 SoC, a 2560x1312 pixel display, 4GB of RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat installed on it.
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    Andy Rubin plans to launch a new smartphone with hopes of it powering AI gadgets

    Andy Rubin created Android, which was then acquired by Google, and then he left the company a couple of years ago. He has recently started a new company called Essential Products, and he plans to launch a smartphone that can leverage AI.