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  1. Android News

    BlackBerry Motion now officially available in EU

    The BlackBerry Motion smartphone is now officially available in most parts of Europe. The company's EU store has started offering the device as well as its accessories across 28 European countries.
  2. Android News

    Qualcomm was find $1.2 billion by the EU for shenanigans with Apple

    Qualcomm was slapped with a $1.2 billion fine by the EU. The chipset company paid Apple to shun competitors between 2011 and 2016. According to the European Court, "billions of dollars" were involved in the deal for the 4G chips in iPhones and iPads.
  3. Android News

    Google appeals $2.4 billion EU antitrust fine

    Google appealed the $2.4 billion antitrust fine the EU made against them in June. This move will naturally elongate the case and give Google more time to fight the ruling.
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    Google to Comply With EU Search Demands to Avoid More Fines

    Google has announced it will acquiesce to the EU's demands that it retool how its shopping search tool works in order to comply with regulations and avoid more fines. Google has until September 28th to meet demands.
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    EU asks expert panel for second opinion on Google anti-trust case

    A new report from Reuters says that the EU has appointed a panel of experts to give a second opinion on their case against Google's Android OS. The result could be another fine against Google.
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    Google hit with a $2.7 billion fine in Europe

    Google has been fined a record $2.7 billion in Europe for anticompetitive practices with their shopping search service. The European Commission was investigating Google for claims that they used their control of the search service to promote their own products over competitors.
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    The EU wants to settle on clear drone regulations by 2019

    The United States has already put regulations in place for drones and now it looks like the European Union wants to do the same. The commission has decided they would like to have this done and completed before 2020.
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    EU's abolished roaming charges goes into effect today

    Back in February, the EU announced it would do away with roaming charges to all countries within the EU. Now, that goes into effect today.
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    EU wants to make it easier for police to obtain user data

    The EU is looking to make it easier for law enforcement officials to get data from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google. Three methods of proposed legislation are being put forth to determine how to handle law enforcement requests.
  10. Android News

    EU proposes a new law that forces online companies block content which incite hatred

    The EU wants companies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to have the tools available so they can block videos which incite hatred or promote terrorism. The initial proposal was approved yesterday, but the new regulations still need to get past the European Parliament before they become law.
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    Google will learn if it will be charged in EU anti-trust case soon

    The European Commission has stated that the agency will announce its decision on the Google anti-trust cases within the next few months. If Google is found guilty the company could be slapped with very large fines.
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    Facebook fined €110 million for misleading the European Commission

    The European Commission has ruled that Facebook will owe $122 million after intentionally misleading officials over its acquisition of WhatsApp.
  13. Android News

    EU tech companies file complaints against Google, Apple, and Facebook

    Some EU tech companies are filing complaints against the top America internet companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple for using their dominating market positions to unfairly promote their products and services above others. Spotify, for instance, cites an issue when Apple rejected an app...
  14. Android News

    The EU wants Google to treat application developers fairly

    Some application developers such as Spotify and Deezer are not happy that gatekeepers like Google and Apple have the power to enforce more strict rules to stifle competition. In response to a complaint filed to the EU, the European Commission is readying "legislative instruments" to tackle the...
  15. Android News

    The EU wants to put a backdoor in encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp

    The EU is generally known for very heavy consumer privacy protections, but a new plan would require encrypted messaging applications used there to have a backdoor. We'll have to wait until the summer time before we see any of these plans explained in further detail.
  16. Android News

    BT defends Google and Android in EU antitrust case

    UK telecom company BT has defended Google in its ongoing battle with the EU in an anti-trust case. Google is accused of forcing its software on handsets with Android, despite the underlying platform being open source.
  17. Android News

    The EU plans to end roaming charges by June of 2017

    The EU's plans to end mobile roaming charges have been officially announced. As of June 15th, 2017, all mobile phone users from the 28 members of the EU will no longer be required to pay roaming charges.
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    Facebook may have mislead the EU during the WhatsApp merger

    Facebook is being accused of misleading the European Commission during the Commission's investigation of Facebook's takeover of WhatsApp in 2014.
  19. Android News

    Europe's towns to be blanketed with free public WiFi by 2020, 5G deployment completion set for 2025

    The EU has some ambitious plans to bring internet access to its residents over the next 9 years. The European Union wants to add free WiFi coverage to every town and city in Europe by 2020 and will also work to complete the deployment of 5G wireless networks by 2025.
  20. Android News

    You can now buy the HTC 10 Lifestyle in the EU for €679

    The HTC 10 Lifestyle share some similarities to the flagship HTC 10, except it skimps on hardware features like the SoC and the RAM. Going from 4GB of RAM to 3GB, and from the Snapdragon 820 SoC to the 652, you would expect more than a €44 discount, but that is how much the HTC 10 Lifestyle is...
  21. Android News

    Samsung may relocate its European headquarters from London due to Brexit vote passing

    The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. As such, they will no longer be considered a part of the union. Despite the UK still technically being a part of Europe, Samsung may move its European headquarters outside of London and into a European country, likely to dodge logistical...
  22. Android News

    French authorities raid Google's Paris offices over tax fraud allegations

    French authorities have raided Google's offices in Paris. The country has accused Google -- among other companies -- of evading tax payments by using tricks and loopholes. France believes Google owes $1.8 billion in taxes.
  23. Android News

    Roaming charges plunge, will soon cease to exist in the European Union

    Roaming charges for calls and text messages stink. They can cost you a fortune. Unless you live in the EU where they've just lowered the maximum roaming costs to: €0.0114/minute (calls answered), €0.05/minute (calls made), €0.02/SMS, €0.05/MB data. What's even better? Beginning June 15th, 2017...
  24. Android News

    Explanation of why the EU are going after Android

    Vlad of The Verge breaks down the reasoning behind why the EU is going after Alphabet and Google in regards to their dominate mobile platform, Android.
  25. Android News

    EU antitrust is still investigating Google for its bundling of Android apps

    The EU antitrust chief today reminded us that they're still investigating Google. The company's bundling of Google apps with licensed Android phones is a concern for the EU. They state they're still looking very closely at Google and examining the contracts Google has with OEMs that require...