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european commission

  1. Android News

    Google appeals $2.4 billion EU antitrust fine

    Google appealed the $2.4 billion antitrust fine the EU made against them in June. This move will naturally elongate the case and give Google more time to fight the ruling.
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    Google hit with a $2.7 billion fine in Europe

    Google has been fined a record $2.7 billion in Europe for anticompetitive practices with their shopping search service. The European Commission was investigating Google for claims that they used their control of the search service to promote their own products over competitors.
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    EU proposes a new law that forces online companies block content which incite hatred

    The EU wants companies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to have the tools available so they can block videos which incite hatred or promote terrorism. The initial proposal was approved yesterday, but the new regulations still need to get past the European Parliament before they become law.
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    Facebook fined €110 million for misleading the European Commission

    The European Commission has ruled that Facebook will owe $122 million after intentionally misleading officials over its acquisition of WhatsApp.
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    EU tech companies file complaints against Google, Apple, and Facebook

    Some EU tech companies are filing complaints against the top America internet companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple for using their dominating market positions to unfairly promote their products and services above others. Spotify, for instance, cites an issue when Apple rejected an app...
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    ASUS is being investigated for price manipulation in Europe

    As a part of a series of antitrust investigations, ASUS is one of the companies being accused of price manipulation by the European Commission.
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    Google clarifies its compatibility rules for European developers

    In response to the European Commission regarding how Google distributes its own apps, Senior VP Kent Walker has published a lengthy explanation of how Android offers to expand competition.
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    European commission removes free roaming plan

    Just a few days after coming to an agreement for its free roaming plan, the European Commission has pulled it down due to complaints. Consumer groups said the new plans have too strict of limits and that the Commission was setting the bar too low for telecoms.
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    Roaming charges plunge, will soon cease to exist in the European Union

    Roaming charges for calls and text messages stink. They can cost you a fortune. Unless you live in the EU where they've just lowered the maximum roaming costs to: €0.0114/minute (calls answered), €0.05/minute (calls made), €0.02/SMS, €0.05/MB data. What's even better? Beginning June 15th, 2017...