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facebook f8

  1. Android News

    Facebook's new 360-degree cameras get detailed

    At F8, Facebook revealed the X24 and X6 360-degree cameras for content creators. The camera use many cameras and advanced imaging techniques to enable a new level of content creation, including the ability to add 3D effects into a live action scene without needing to use a green screen.
  2. Android News

    Facebook demos how VR could be used for social interactions

    Facebook wants VR to be part of its social platform so badly that the company created a Social VR team to head this initiative. Two people on the team, in different locations, put on their VR headsets and showed off a few social features that made some people change their mind about the social...
  3. Android News

    Samsung just gave away 2,600 Gear VR kits to developers who attended Facebook's F8 event

    Facebook is having their F8 developer conference today and surprisingly enough, Samsung is right there with them. Facebook owns Oculus and while they may compete with Samsung's Gear VR, they have both come together to give away 2,600 Gear VR kits to developers who attended the conference.
  4. Android News

    Facebook will reportedly announce chatbot and live chat APIs at their F8 developer conference

    It wasn't too long ago when Facebook transitioned their Messenger service into a full fledged platform. The latest enhancement to the service is said to be in the form of chat bots and live chat services for brands. Techcrunch is reporting that Facebook will announce the chatbot and live chat...