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facebook marketplace

  1. Android News

    Facebook Marketplace is now available in 17 European countries

    After launching Marketplace in select markets last year, Facebook has expanded the service to 17 countries across Europe.
  2. Android News

    Facebook updates the UI of their Marketplace tab

    Facebook Marketplace was their way of competing with websites like Craigslist and today the application just received an update that adds some color and updates the UI.
  3. Android News

    Facebook Marketplace has too many contraband listings

    Facebook's goal with their new Marketplace was to ensure that listings for contraband were being properly reviewed and prohibited. Unfortunately, their system hasn't quite worked as well in the early going with excessive amounts of contraband postings not being caught by the automated system...
  4. Android News

    Facebook formally launches Marketplace

    Facebook has launched Facebook Marketplace. The company has been testing this feature for years, and with today's announcement it will finally become a Facebook staple feature. The Marketplace will let users post items for sale or find items to buy with those in your area. It's like Craigslist...
  5. Android News

    User spots the Facebook Marketplace in the Android application

    Facebook introduced their Marketplace back in 2007 but it hasn't been seen in the native Android application. That is, until now. One user on /r/Android is seeing the Marketplace in their Facebook application. It's unclear if this is from an actual application update or if it is a server-side...