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facebook moments

  1. Android News

    Facebook brings its photo sharing service, Moments, to the web

    Until now, you were required to download the Facebook Moments application if you wanted to use the company's photo sharing service. Today though, Facebook has launched a light/limited version of the service on the web through the sidebar of Facebook.com.
  2. Android News

    Facebook says it'll delete your photo albums if you don't use 'Moments'

    Facebook has started warning users that if they don't download Moments and log in by July 7, all of their synced photos will be deleted.
  3. Android News

    Facebook Moments arrives in the EU and Canada

    Facebook Moments is now available in the EU and Canada. Facebook Moments is an app that makes it easy to share photos with people, as the app uses facial recognition tools to suggest a list of people you'll want to send photos to. The problem with the EU and Canadian launch is that those...