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fairphone 2

  1. Android News

    Fairphone 2 gets first upgradable camera module

    The first user-upgradable module for the Fairphone 2 is finally available. It bumps the camera from 8MP to 12MP, while the front facing camera gets a bump from 2MP to 5MP.
  2. Android News

    TWRP is now available for the HTC U11, Fairphone 2, and more

    The popular custom recovery TWRP has been released for a handful of new devices including the following. . . HTC U11 (ocn) Fairphone 2 (fp2) Acer Liquid Z500 (Z500) Samsung Galaxy Core Plus (cs02) Xiaomi Mi 5s (capricorn) Wingtech Redmi 2 (wt88047) Lenovo A7000-a...
  3. Android News

    Fairphone 2 will soon get Marshmallow

    The Fairphone 2 still has a pulse. The modular smartphone is now confirmed to be getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow after lengthy delays. Fairphone still doesn't have an actual release time frame outside of "within a few weeks," a line they'd been using since January. Nevertheless, they say it's...
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    Fairphone releases the Android code used in the Fairphone 2

    The software used in the Fairphone 2 is open source and it's built upon Android. Now that the device has been released, the company behind it has just made the software available for all to download. This is similar to the code you see companies like Google releasing when they roll out an...
  5. Android News

    Shipping has Started for the Modular Fairphone 2

    The first 1,000 units of the Fairphone 2 will start shipping this month. Some are already on their way to customers as we speak. The company received well over 1,000 pre-orders though and we're told that shipping for the rest of those devices will continue into January
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    The modular Fairphone 2 gets a perfect 10/10 in iFixIt's teardown

    iFixIt tore down the Fairphone 2, a modular smartphone. That modularity seems to be the exact thing a phone needs to score perfectly on iFixIt's repairability scale.
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    The modular Fairphone 2 will beat Project Ara to market this December

    Makers of the Fairphone 2, the first fully modular Android phone, have announced that they will be launching in December.
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    Ars Goes Hands-on With the Modular Fairphone 2

    While Fairphone expects that customers to use their smartphones for up to five years, it doesn't mean it's going to release new models with the same interval. According to van Abel, the work on the Fairphone 3 will start in January, and in the future new Fairphones will enter the market every...