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fallout 4

  1. Android News

    Bethesda's real-life Pip-Boy 3000 replica can pair with your phone

    Bethesda today revealed a new Fallout 4 accessory. It's a real-life Pip-Boy 3000. You may recall Bethesda previously released a special edition of the game with a Pip-Boy, but it was little more than a phone case that attached to your arm. This Pip-Boy model has its own display, usable buttons...
  2. Android News

    Latest update to Fallout Shelter on Android includes a free new vault dweller

    To help promote the upcoming Fallout 4 DLC, Far Harbor, Fallout Shelter players on Android get exclusive access to a new vault dweller. The vault dweller is called Old Longfellow and he'll be featured in the upcoming Fallout 4 DLC. Not only do you get a free vault dweller, but you also get five...
  3. Android News

    Bethesda partners with NVIDIA to release a live wallpaper for Fallout fans

    If you enjoy live wallpapers and are a fan of the Fallout game series then NVIDIA and Bethesda have a treat for you. Available in the Play Store right now, you can download the official Fallout 4 Live Wallpaper app. You have the choice of letting the app pick random bobbleheads, or you can...