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financial report

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    LG's mobile division turns in another poor quarter

    LG announced 4th quarter and full year 2016 financial results. The mobile division's shipments dropped 8% year-on-year despite gaining 4% quarter-over-quarter. This is a combination of poor LG G5 sales and a small boost from the LG V20 during the holiday season.
  2. Android News

    Sprint made an annual profit for the first time in 9 years

    Sprint today posted their fiscal 2015 earnings. The annual report was highlighted by operating income of $310 million for the year. This was the first positive year for Sprint in 9 years. The company also posted $32.2 billion in overall revenue, and add 1.2 million new postpaid customers on the...
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    LG profited $440 million in Q1, but it was no thanks to the mobile division

    LG as a company is still doing good these days. The company posted profit of $440 million in Q1 2016. That said, most of the money was made in the company's Home Entertainment and Appliances division. The mobile division reportedly lost $170 million, though LG is chalking it up to launching...
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    T-Mobile adds 2.2 million new customers in Q1 2016

    T-Mobile has posted their Q1 2016 financial results. The company reported growth of 2.2 million new customers, 1 million of which were postpaid. Prepaid additions were just over 800,000. This is the 12th consecutive quarter T-Mobile added over 2 million customers. The company also made revenue...
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    Alphabet announces their Q1 financial report

    With the first quarter over and done with, it's time for companies to announce their earnings. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, did that today and told us they brought in $20.2 billion in revenue with $4.2 billion of that being profit.
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    Verizon added 640,000 customers and made $32.2 billion in Q1 2016`

    Verizon's quarterly financial numbers are in. The company revealed that they added 640,000 new customers. While that's a low quarter for them, they still posted a churn of 0.94%, which means they didn't lose many customers overall. Verizon also made revenue of $32.2 billion.
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    HTC's revenue plummets 64.3% in Q1 2016

    HTC today revealed earnings numbers for the 1st quarter of 2016. The news is pretty bad. The company only brought in $434 million, a drop of 64.3% compared to the same quarter a year ago.
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    Samsung Q1 earnings guidance shows 10% bump in profit

    Samsung has released their earnings guidance for Q1 2016. The guidance shows the company making $5.7 billion in profit, a year-on-year increase of 10%. The company also saw an increase in revenue with $42.3 billion. Samsung expects this to be the beginning of a growth trend thanks to the Samsung...
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    Twitter says @replies are too confusing

    In Twitter's latest financial report, the company says they have plans to fix the way @replies are handled. The company says the process is too confusing and that it "inhibit usage and drive people away." It's unclear exactly how Twitter will change things though, and we'll have to wait and see...
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    Square Enix contributes 2015 profit increase to PC and mobile sales

    Square Enix recently released their quarterly report and they also talked about overall revenue and profits for 2015 as well. With a 60% increase in profit compared to 2014, Square Enix says mobile games like Mobius Final Fantasy, Hoshi no Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius were a...
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    Yahoo releases their financial report, will cut 1,700 jobs

    Yahoo hasn't been doing good the past few years and while things have been looking better, the company is still under pressure by its investors. During today's earnings report, the company said they would be cutting 1,700 jobs as well as closing offices in Dubai, Mexico City, Buenos Aires...
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    Alphabet spent $3.5 billion on its moonshot projects in 2015

    Research and development costs a lot of money and the wild moonshots that Alphabet and Google come up with can take a long time to develop. The company just announced they spend $3.5 billion on these moonshot projects in 2015
  13. Android News

    Google is streaming their Q4 2015 financial report conference call on YouTube

    If you like to learn about the finances of Google and Alphabet, then you might be interested in the earnings call that is happening soon. Google is live streaming streaming the whole thing on YouTube for everyone to hear very soon.
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    Alphabet says future financial reports will keep Google separate from 'other bets'

    Alphabet is scheduled to release their quarterly financial report on February 1st, but today they gave us some information about how they will handle things. The company will have two different categories, one for Google and then one for 'other bets' in an attempt to keep investors happy. And...
  15. Android News

    Samsung releases Q4 2015 financial report, expects 2016 to be tough

    Samsung has announced they brought in just over $5 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015, and brought in $44 billion in revenue. Samsung is expecting single-digit percentage growth for 2016 thanks to "softening demand and intensifying competition".
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    Qualcomm releases their quarterly financial report, thinks the Snapdragon 820 will increase revenue

    Qualcomm just released their fiscal Q1 financial report and it was better than expected. The company is putting high hopes on the Snapdragon 820 and says they believe it will help to increase revenue even more for the second half of fiscal 2016.
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    LG confirms there will be 2 flagships in 2016

    LG released their quarterly and 2015 financial report and we learned that they lost a lot of money in Q3 and Q4 of 2015. We also learned that LG will be releasing 2 flagship smartphones(likely the successors to the G4 and V10) this year. They even tell us these devices will be sold at a "more...
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    TSMC is Expecting a Decline in Sales for the Second Quarter in a Row

    TSMC fabricates chips for companies like Apple and Qualcomm who design the chip themselves and then outsource the production side of things. It has been announced that Qualcomm will be using Samsung to mass produce the Snapdragon 820 and today we learn that TSMC is expecting their second...
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    Samsung Releases Q4 2015 Earnings Guidance Before Quarterly Report

    Samsung has just announced their Q4 2015 earnings guidance information and it looks like there is some good and bad news. The bad news is that they didn't meet the expectations for profit that they had hoped for. But the good new is that they increased quarterly profit by 15% compared to Q4 2014.