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fingerprint sensor

  1. Android News

    Someone modded their Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor to make it suck less

    There are so many things wrong with the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8, but someone stumbled upon an interesting mod that helps it suck less.
  2. Android News

    Why fingerprint security isn't as secure as you think

    Synaptics discusses how easy it is to "hack" modern fingerprint sensors on any device and why it's important for end-to-end encryption for device security.
  3. Android News

    How to: Access your notifications with the Honor 8 fingerprint sensor

    Jared from Android Central has published an in-depth tutorial on how to activate and access notifications with the Honor 8 fingerprint sensor.
  4. Android News

    Verizon releases Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge update fix unintentional factory reset bug

    Verizon has just released an update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge to address a bug which would force a factory reset on the phone after multiple failed attempts to unlock the device using the fingerprint sensor. Post update, the devices will allow for 10 consecutive failed attempts to...
  5. Android News

    Samsung files patent for front and rear-mounted fingerprint scanners and other sensors

    A new patent application shows that Samsung is trying to patent the idea of placing a "sensor" on the front of back of a smartphone. The application indicates that "the function of module #60 may be a sensor module for detecting or receiving a signal from outside. Examples of the sensor module...
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    Help Phone keeps asking for password instead of fingerprints

    My phone keeps asking for my password instead of letting me use fingerprint recognition to unlock my phone. Here is the exact message I am receiving: "Enter password instead of using fingerprint recognition after restarting device to protect fingerprints" I get this message inconsistently...
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    Nexus 6P and 5X owners experiencing fingerprint issues after March security update

    New reports are coming in from Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X owners that their fingerprint sensor is acting a bit off after receiving the March security update. The issue makes the fingerprint scanner appear completely responsive and seems to come and go at random. There's no word on if a fix is coming...
  8. Android News

    Samsung to add fingerprint sensors, NFC to lower-end devices

    Recent rumors have suggested that Samsung hopes to spread their "Samsung Pay" service to more countries soon but they're not only planning to expand geographically. A new report indicates they want to bring Samsung Pay to lower end devices, meaning almost all new Samsung Android Phones could...