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fire emblem

  1. Android News

    The new event in Fire Emblem Heroes can get you 26 free orbs

    Nintendo is holding an event this week in their latest mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, and it can net you a number of free orbs. Phandroid has put together a summary of what this event entails and how you can get up to 26 free orbs from it.
  2. Android News

    Fire Emblem Heroes review says it's not just a nostalgia cash-in

    Android Police just published their review of Fire Emblem Heroes and they appreciated that it was a full mobile game and not one to force in-app purchases at you. They recommend the game assuming you're a fan of tactical strategy or even anime-styled games.
  3. Android News

    Fire Emblem Heroes review says it's shining brightly on Android

    Fire Emblem was recently released on Android and Android Central already has a review for it up. After one day of playing the game, Eric feels that Nintendo knows how to bring their franchises to mobile.
  4. Android News

    Nintendo of America says Fire Emblem Heroes will be available for Android on February 2nd

    Fire Emblem Heroes was delayed until 2017, but now we're told that it will be launched early next month. Interestingly, they don't even give a launch date for iOS which seems to imply it will be available in the Play Store before the App Store.
  5. Android News

    Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem mobile apps delayed to 2017

    Yesterday Nintendo took the stage alongside Apple to announce Super Mario Run, the first official Nintendo app that puts Mario on mobile devices. You have this app to thank for the Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem apps being delayed from this year into next. Nintendo says it felt Super Mario Run...
  6. Android News

    Nintendo's Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games will use in-app purchases

    More detail about Nintendo's upcoming Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games for mobile have come out. A report from the Wall Street Journal suggests the games will be free to download, though Nintendo will use in-app purchases to earn revenue.
  7. Android News

    Nintendo says they chose Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem due to a need for diversity

    In a recent conference call, Nintendo talked about their mobile moves, and why they chose Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem as the next two IPs to bring over to mobile. Their explanation was that they wanted to introduce 2 polarizing titles to appeal to different groups. Animal Crossing is...
  8. Android News

    Nintendo's 'Animal Crossing' and 'Fire Emblem' in the works for Android

    Nintendo has announced that it will be bringing its Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games to Android and other mobile platforms. Since MiiTomo for Android has been a runaway success for Nintendo, so we shouldn't be surprise if Nintendo announces even more games for Android in the coming months.