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    Fitbit OS 2.0 rolling out to the Fitbit Ionic: Here’s what’s new

    One of the best things about the upcoming Fitbit Versa smartwatch is its vastly improved software. Now that software is making its way to the Fitbit Ionic. The biggest new feature in Fitbit OS 2.0 is called Fitbit Today — a much more intuitive and informative dashboard that displays all your...
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    Fitbit Versa unveiled

    Fitbit unveiled its second smartwatch – the Versa. It runs the same software (Fitbit OS 2.0) as the Ionic, but costs $100 less.
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    Fitbit's 'mass appeal smartwatch' will be the Fitbit Versa

    According to Evan Blass on Twitter, Fitbit's new watch will be marketed as the "Fitbit Versa." It's still unclear how the Versa will fit into the company's lineup, but it's currently expected to live alongside the Ionic that came out in October of last year rather than replace it.
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    Fitbit Ionic: Adidas Edition offers step-by-step coaching

    The headline feature of the new Fitbit Ionic: Adidas Edition is the Adidas Train app, which offers six on-device workouts that aim to help runners improve form, cardio, and speed. It also comes with a two-tone sport band in Ink Blue and Ice Gray colors.
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    Fitbit buys health monitoring company Twine

    Fitbit has announced it has acquired Twine, a startup that helps people with chronic conditions like diabetes stay on top of their health. The acquisition is expected to be completed by March.
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    Fitbit extends support for Pebble watches until June 30th

    Fitbit has extended its support for Pebble services from the original end-of-2017 cutoff to June 30th, 2018.
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    Fitbit Ionic smartwatch gets its first outright discount, from $300 to $270

    Only offered with free gift cards at full retail price for Black Friday, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is now sold at $269.95, down from a $300 MSRP.
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    Fitbit Ionic gets a huge update with new apps and watch faces

    An update to Fitbit OS for the Fitbit Ionic brings over 100 new watch faces and 60 apps, including Yelp, Nest, and Deezer.
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    Deal: Fitbit Alta HR wearable in black small & large for $99.99

    Amazon has discounted the Fitbit Alta HR by $50 for a new low price of $99 during Black Friday.
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    Apple dominates the wearable market with Xiaomi and Fitbit following

    Apple is once again the top wearable manufacturer, surpassing Xiaomi and Fitbit in second and third place.
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    Fitbit wins bid for long-term US health study

    Fitbit has been chosen to provide devices for a long-term health study in the US called All of Us. The All of Us project is a nationwide effort to collect data -- like lifestyle, environmental and biological information -- from over one million people in the US
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    Fitbit Ionic review says its a good fitness tracker, passable smartwatch

    Engadget has published its review of the Fitbit Ionic and gives the smartwatch a score of 79 out of 100. Pros include a bright display and long battery life, while cons include finicky software and limited selection of third-party apps.
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    FDA to work with top wearable companies for guidelines on digital health

    The FDA is said to be working with a number of wearable makers, including Apple and Fitbit, to help define what a health-focused software kit should be like for those looking to monitor their health with wearables. The guidelines could help shape new certification that may be required for use in...
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    The Fitbit Ionic will be available on October 1st for $299.95

    Fitbit has confirmed that the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch will launch on October 1st for $299.95.
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    Fitbit Ionic review says its good for now but could be better

    Ars Technica has published its review of the Fitbit Ionic and states that the smartwatch is good, but it's not the best all-purpose wearable you can get for $300.
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    Fitbit to support Dexcom's diabetes monitoring data

    Fitbit has announced that they're teaming up with Dexcom to allow users to monitor their glucose levels in a user-friendly experience on Fitbit wearables. The company's stock rose 10% following the news.
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    Fitbit Ionic smartwatch has been revealed

    Fitbit announced its first smartwatch today—the Fitbit Ionic. The watch looks like a more refined version of the Fitbit Blaze.
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    Xiaomi tops Q2 wearable shipments with Fitbit and Apple following behind

    Xiaomi beat out the competition to claim the top spot for the first time with 3.5-3.7 million units (Canalys) shipped. Fitbit experienced a significant 34% year-on-year slump to 3.3-3.4 million (SA) units. Fitbit’s market share fell nearly in half.
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    Renders of Fitbit's first smartwatch leaked

    Renders of Fitbit's first actual smartwatch have arrived. The renders are said to be finalized renditions of the design Fitbit is going with.
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    Xiaomi now sells more wearables than Apple and Fitbit

    Xiaomi has now taken the lead in worldwide wearable device sales, findings from research firm Strategy Analytics show.
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    Fitbit says its first smartwatch is coming later this year

    During their quarterly investors report, Fitbit's CEO has confirmed his company's smartwatch is set to launch this holiday season.
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    Fitbit faces new lawsuit over haptic feedback

    Fitbit is seeing a lawsuit by Immersion in China and the US for violating multiple patents for haptic feedback.
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    Report says Fitbit is still trying to make a smartwatch

    Fitbit recently acquired a smartwatch company called Pebble and many speculated that they would be releasing a fully featured smartwatch after the acquisition. While nothing has been confirmed by Fitbit themselves, reports say the company is struggling to overcome a few hurdles.
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    Deal: Fitbit Alta is down to $69.99

    Amazon has the Fitbit Alta for $69.99. This is the lowest price the fitness tracker has ever been. It comes with free shipping.
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    Fitbit beats Q1 revenue expectations, CEO insists first smartwatch is ‘on track’

    Despite rumors that Fitbit's fitness-focused smartwatch has had problems in development, Fitbit CEO James Park has revealed that things are right on track in the latest earnings report.