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foldable displays

  1. Android News

    Production of Samsung's first foldable smartphone will begin in Q4

    According to one of Samsung's suppliers in Taiwan, the company is gearing up for a "small production" run of its first foldable display smartphone in Q4 of this year. Mass production of the new phone isn't expected until Q1 of 2018. The device was originally expected in Q3, but has been delayed...
  2. Android News

    Samsung granted three new design patents which may be used for Galaxy S and future foldable phones

    Samsung's design team has been working overtime, applying for design patents for future smartphones. The company was just awarded three new design patents which include basic design concepts for smartphones with curved edge displays, but also more complex designs for foldable devices.
  3. Android News

    Samsung has two foldable smartphones planned for 2017

    The latest rumor regarding Samsung's upcoming foldable smartphone indicates that Samsung is planning to release two different devices in 2017. The first will be a dual-display device which will unfold with a hinge to create one larger display. This device will be produced in small quantities to...
  4. Android News

    Analyst: Samsung and LG will release foldable smartphones in 2017

    An analyst at Hyundai Securities claims that Samsung and LG with both release foldable smartphones in 2017. The analyst also claims that Google and even Apple will follow Samsung and LG's lead and introduce foldable smartphones of their own in 2018.
  5. Android News

    Samsung files bendable display patent in the US

    Samsung already has a handful of bendable/flexible display patents in its pocket, but the Korean manufacturer has filed a new patent in the US for an inward-folding display. Samsung has not revealed when it plans to release its first foldable smartphone, but multiple rumors claim that Samsung is...
  6. Android News

    LG foldable displays go from research lab to early development phase

    It's said LG's foldable displays have graduated from the company's research labs into the pre-development phase. This is a major milestone that takes us one step closer to flexible and foldable displays in more consumer products.