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  1. Android News

    Huawei and others are looking to purchase Fujitsu's mobile division

    After years of struggles, it’s reportedly time for Fujitsu to throw in the towel, following in the footsteps of fellow Japanese players Mitsubishi, Toshiba, NEC and Panasonic. Several investment funds, including Japan’s own Polaris Capital Group and the British CVC Capital Partners, might enter...
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    Foxconn expected to build flat-screen display factory in Wisconsin

    Electronics manufacturer Foxconn is expected to build a flat-screen factory in Wisconsin. The company is in talks with the state to invest $7 billion in US manufacturing.
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    Foxconn is said to break ground on their United States plant this year

    Foxconn is a big supplier of Apple products and they've been debating about whether or not they'll launch a factory in the United States. It seems they've made up their minds though and will break ground on the plant later this year.
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    Foxconn estimates $7 billion expenditure to expand Sharp to the US

    Foxconn subsidiary Sharp is planning to move some business to the United States. Reuters reports that the move would cost around $7 billion for the electronics giant to open their first plant in the country.
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    A joint venture between Foxconn and Sharp puts $8.8 billion towards an LCD panel factory in China

    Back in April, Foxconn teamed up with Sharp to invest a total of $1.8 billion in OLED panel production. Today, it's being reported that these two companies have partnered again, but this time they're putting $8.8 billion towards an LCD panel factory inside of China.
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    Foxconn planning $1.8 billion Sharp OLED panels investment

    Now that Foxconn owns a majority share of Sharp, the company wants to invest $1.8 billion to update the company's display production capabilities so that it can start pushing out OLED panels by 2019. Naturally, Foxconn is hoping that Apple will be its main OLED display client, but there's plenty...
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    Foxconn's acquisition of Sharp to be finalized this Wednesday

    Even after dropping its bid price to ‎¥400 billion, Sharp has agreed to Foxconn's buyout offer. The two companies are planning board meetings on Wednesday and will sign the papers necessary to seal the deal. While Foxconn has been pumping out electronics for years, this will be the first time...
  8. Android News

    Sharp has accepted Foxconn's $6.2 billion takeover proposal

    Japanese publication Nikkei is reporting that Sharp has accepted the takeover offer proposed by Foxconn earlier this year. Taiwanese Foxconn is reported to have offered 700 billion yen to secure the deal, which is about $6.2 billion USD. With this move, Foxconn could begin manufacturing its own...
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    Foxconn bids $5.5 billion to become Sharp's new owner

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Foxconn has put in such a high bid for Sharp, that the two companies are now entering exclusive talks to seal the deal. Sharp has been producing Android smartphones and displays for some Android devices for a while now, so this could pull the company in...