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franco kernel updater

  1. Android News

    FrancoKernel is now available for the OnePlus X

    Franco had originally announced he was bringing FrancoKernel to the OnePlus X a long time ago, but just never got around to it. Today marks the initial release of the kernel though, and it can be installed right now.
  2. Android News

    Francisco Franco has just released his custom kernel for the OnePlus 3

    Months ago, Franco said he would launch his custom kernel on the OnePlus 3. This week, the man has released version 1 of the kernel and it currently works on OxygenOS.
  3. Android News

    Franco's Kernel Updater app is updated to 2.1, includes app shortcuts, high brightness mode and more

    Franco is well known for his custom kernel for Nexus/Pixel smartphones, and he has just pushed out an update to his updater app that includes the following changes. . . - Night Shift - Display profiles - High brightness mode - Launcher shortcuts (app shortcuts) - Quick tiles for...