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  1. Android News

    Google+ adds new content restrictions for G Suite admins

    If your business uses G Suite that means your employees have access to Google+, and like any social media platform it's full of distractions. That's where content restriction settings come in handy for administrators, and Google is making some changes to these by splitting them into three new modes.
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    Google gives G Suite users new features for collaboration

    Google is making it much easier for G Suite customers to collab on Sheets, Slides, and Docs to get things done quicker. You can now preview clean versions of docs and accept or reject edit suggestions.
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    Google makes its office apps even more secure

    After a Google Docs phishing scam was unveiled in May, the company has ramped up its protections for its suite of office apps, including adding security controls to G Suite that let admins block employees from accessing untrustworthy apps.
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    Google opens up Project Fi registrations to G Suite customers

    Until now, you had to have a Gmail account in order to sign up for Project Fi. But today the company announced that G Suite customers can sign up with Project Fi with their own G Suite accounts (e.g. you@yourdomain.com) account.
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    Google says the Northumberland County Council saved millions by switching to G Suite and Chromebooks

    Business have a lot of incentives to use a number of Google products and both G Suite and Chromebooks are generally at the top of the list. Google just published a blog post that talks about how the Northumberland County Council save close to £2.5 million on licensing and hardware
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    Google talks about improving the publication experience in the new Google Sites

    G Suite customers are getting an update to Google Sites and with that comes a new experience when publishing new content. Thanks to feedback, Google is changing how they're asking for permission to index a website in their search engine.
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    Google is bringing Quick Access in Google Drive to the web

    The latest G Suite update shows that Google will be bringing their Quick Access feature from Android and iOS directly to the web.
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    Google details some changes coming to chat in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with G Suite

    Right now, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides have a chat feature to help teams collaborate on their work. However, there are some changes being made soon as Google had this to say. . . "As of June 7th, 2017, shortly before the Talk shutdown, organizations on the Rapid release track that have the...
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    By default, Google will recommend G Suite customers create a work profile when setting things up

    Google just announced a new change that will start with Google Apps Device Policy v7.55 and above. With this change in place, the default enrollment process will utilize a work profile for Google Mobile Management customers.
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    G Suite admins can now see Google Apps Script and App Maker metrics in the Admin console

    Google has just announced that G Suite Admins will now be able to view their metrics of Google Apps Script and App Maker directly in the Google Admin console.
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    Google talks about how they make Gmail safer for G Suite users with anti-phishing security checks

    Email is ripe with malicious and spammy messages but Google does a lot of work to keep their users as safe as possible. If you're a G Suite customer though, you'll get an added layer of security with their anti-phishing security checks.
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    G Suite customers can now group items vertically in Google Sites

    G Suite customers who use Google Sites are now able to group items vertically so they can do things such as caption photos, arrange content in columns and more.
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    G Suite customers can now move Google Drive files and folders into Team Drives

    Last month, Google announced Team Drivers for their G Suite customers as a way for teams to have a shared drive of content. They have realized their existing content from Google Drive accounts need to be moved over so today Google has announced a tool to help migrate that data.
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    Latest update for Amazon Echo lets G Suite customers manage their Google calendar

    Amazon Echo owners can look forward to a new update that will enable G Suite subscribers to manage their Google calendar directly from the device. This is actually quite surprising since even Google Home doesn't have this functionality yet.
  15. Android News

    Google Docs now lets you change the capitalization of text in the latest update

    If you use the web version of Google Docs, you'll notice a new Capitalization feature in the Format drop down menu. This will let you change the selected text to all lowercase, all uppercase, or Title Case.
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    Google tells G Suite admins that carrier SMS will be removed from Hangouts soon

    In January of last year there was a screenshot going around that showed the Hangouts app suggest that you use Google's new SMS application. Now it seems that Google is preparing to remove the carrier SMS function from Hangouts as a G Suite admin just received an email saying this would no longer...
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    Google brings video streaming to Gmail attachments for G Suite customers

    Google has been making a lot of new announcements for their G Suite customers and the latest will improve the UX for video attachments. Once the update rolls out, you'll now be able to stream video attachments right from within the email.
  18. Android News

    G Suite customers can now receive emails of up to 50MB in Gmail

    If you're a G Suite customer then you can now receive emails with attachments as large as 50MB in size. You're still limited to 25MB when attaching a file, unless you're bringing it over from Google Drive.
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    Legacy Android devices are now able to access work apps from Google Play

    Previously, Google blocked some legacy Android devices from accessing work applications in Google Play. This is no longer the case though, but they'll only be accessible via the Work Apps tab.
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    Google Keep is now part of G Suite

    Until now, Google Keep has not been a core part of G Suite but that changes today. Now, G Suite customers will be able to drag and drop notes directly from Keep to Google Docs, you can search for notes in Keep while still in Docs, and you can add a note to Keep from inside a document.
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    Google brings the ability to jump right back into the conversation in Google Hangouts

    G Suite customers who use Google Hangouts now have the ability to quickly jump up to the first unread message and jump down to new messages when going back into the application.
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    Google is making it easier to search in Google Drive on Android

    Google has just announced that files and folders in Google Drive are now indexed with their Firebase App Indexing feature. This means that you can search for content stored in Google Drive from within the 'In Apps' section of the Google Search app.
  23. Android News

    Google adds support for rotated text, new border styles, and more to Google Sheets

    Google just announced they're adding a number of new features to Google Sheets on their G Suite blog. This includes support for rotated text, more border styles, accounting number formats, and some additional improvements on mobile.
  24. Android News

    Google adds additional details to 2-step verification for G Suite customers

    If you're a G Suite customer who uses Google's 2-step verification, then you can look forward to some improvements later this week. Google says people attempting to log in in will see additional details about the sign-in request (like when and where it was made).
  25. Android News

    G Suite customers can now insert videos from Google Drive in Google Slides

    Google is making it easier to embed videos into Google Slides presentations as long as the video is present in Google Drive. The feature even includes some options like designating a start and stop time, muting the video and whether or not you want the video to autoplay.