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    Gfycat relaunches as Gfycat Loops, now available for everyone

    Gfycat had finally brought their Android app back in April, but it was a geo-closed beta with many people unable to use it. Today, the app has been relaunched as Gfycat Loops, and it's now available far and wide. Gfycat makes it easy to create and share cool GIFs. It offers a number of effects...
  2. Android News

    Gfycat's Android app hits Google Play, US customers not invited to party

    Animated GIFs are all the rage and Gfycat - where "Gfy" stands for GIF Format Yoker and "cat" refers to the UNIX program - arguably displays the most beautiful, clear, and smooth looping GIFs known to man. Gfycat has just launched their official Android App, but unfortunately, it's limited to...