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  1. Android News

    Giphy will use Google's AI to search for GIFs

    Giphy has begun using Google's machine learning technology to better help you find .gifs that feature a specific caption instead of vaguely related gifs that also happen to feature words.
  2. Android News

    GIPHY Stickers is a new application that includes a lot of animated stickers

    Stickers are quite popular among social messaging applications and animated stickers make them even more unique. GIPHY just released a new application in the Play Store called GIPHY Stickers that lets you text, share and save animated stickers as well as creating your own with the built-in camera.
  3. Android News

    Giphy's latest collection helps you learn sign languae

    Giphy's latest collection is part of a collaboration with Sign With Robert. It's a collection of GIFs teaching you how to perform several common phrases in American sign language.
  4. Android News

    GIPHY adds a download button

    GIPHY has introduced a download button in the latest update to their Android app. The ability to download GIFs to your phone was available prior to this update, but users had to hold down on an image to get the option. The new button ensures everyone can be aware of this functionality.
  5. Android News

    WhatsApp now allows you to share 30 media items at once, incorporates Giphy's GIF search

    A new update to WhatsApp makes it easier for its users to share media. The app now allows users to share 30 media files at once. However, most people will be more excited to hear that they now have Giphy's GIF search integrated right within the app.
  6. Android News

    The latest Signal update adds support for GIF search

    Giphy is a popular GIF search engine and we've seen it integrated into a plethora of messaging apps over the years. The latest to add support is Signal, and you'll be able to search for and add GIFs directly from the app with its latest update.
  7. Android News

    Giphy allows you to transfer your old Vine content

    If you're a fan of Vine and want to keep your old video content, you can now do so thanks to Giphy. The company announced they will be offering the ability to transfer existing content into Giphy "very soon".
  8. Android News

    You can download the unreleased Giphy Cam app in the Play Store right now

    Giphy has had their GIF repository application in the Play Store for a while, but they're working on a new, unreleased camera app too. You can download it directly on Google Play right now and use it to create GIFs with videos or a burst of photos.
  9. Android News

    Plughy is plugin for Giphy that will let you insert the URL of a GIF into any app

    Piot Apps just released an application into the Play Store that lets you grab the URL of a Giphy GIF without ever needing to leave the app you are currently in. For example, if you're in a WhatsApp conversation, you just need to type something like "/giphy angry;" without the quotes and then...
  10. Android News

    Official Giphy app comes to Android

    Giphy has released an official Android app. Giphy is a search engine that lets you find animated GIFs. It's usually integrated with social apps, but a dedicated app makes it easier to find GIFs and share them with people no matter what app you use.