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  1. Android News

    Google+ is getting a code rewrite

    Google is completely rewriting the codebase for Google+. While the app will remain largely the same on the surface, the backend changes will allow them to more easily and flexibly add new features in the future.
  2. Android News

    Google+ adds new content restrictions for G Suite admins

    If your business uses G Suite that means your employees have access to Google+, and like any social media platform it's full of distractions. That's where content restriction settings come in handy for administrators, and Google is making some changes to these by splitting them into three new modes.
  3. Android News

    Google+ posts get a new UI tweak to become more conversational

    Google is making little changes here and there to Google+ in an effort to improve the experience for anyone still using it. The Android app is updated fairly frequently, and now the desktop site is getting some attention, too.
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    The new Discover feature in Google+ wants to help you find the best content

    Google+’s continued focus on Collections and Communities has served the social network rather well since its 2015 relaunch. The service is now launching a new Discover feature to to surface the best content.
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    Google is recruiting Google+ beta testers

    Google is seeking new people to help test new features and give feedback on the direction Google+ is taking. You can sign up for the program, but not everyone is accepted.
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    Google details changes to Google+ in new blog post

    Google is making some changes to how Google+ works to make for a better user experience. Some of those changes include automatically hiding low-quality comments and bringing back events.
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    Here are all of the apps that have been installed at least one billion times

    Jonathan from Android Authority has compiled a list of the Android apps that have been downloaded at least one billion times.
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    Google+ on mobile browsers now supports AMP links

    The Google+ web client has been updated to support AMP links which allow for faster load times for web pages, even on slow connections.
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    Google+ update now integrates image comments into standard image viewer

    Google+ reaches version 8.7 with a new update today. The only change is the ability to view image comments in a full screen image viewer instead of being taken to a separate comments pane. This allows you to view comments and act on an image -- such as sharing or beaming it to a TV -- without...
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    The new Google+ is rolling out to all users soon

    Danielle Buckley, who serves as a Project Manager at Google, has confirmed that the new Google+ is slowly rolling out to all users. If you didn't get a look at the preview when it was introduced in November, you'll now have a chance to sift through all the new features.
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    Google may be allowing people to post Google Play reviews without a Google+ profile

    For a long time, Google has required a Google+ profile in order to post reviews on Google Play. That may no longer be required as reports are coming in from people who are able to leave reviews without one.
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    Google+ update brings improved post reporting features

    Google+ 8.0 is starting to roll out. The update isn't big despite its big version jump. The most notable change is the ability to write text when reporting a post, so that the review team can get a better idea of why you're reporting it. It's also easier to access the feedback option as it now...
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    The Google+ Android app is updated to v7.3.0, improves performance, UI changes and more

    The developer team behind the Google+ Android application have just announced a new version will be rolling out to users very soon. This update brings your app up to version 7.3.0 and it comes with the following changes. . . - 10 bugs fixed - 4 accessibility issues addressed - Ability to...
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    Google+ for Android receives an update to version 7.2.0 with support for Chrome custom tabs

    Google has just announced an update to the Android version of Google+ and it comes with the following changes. . . - Tapping on a web link in Google+ will open it in a Chrome custom tab - 29 bugs fixed - 10 accessibility issues addressed - Faster and safer browsing of Web sites (info below)...
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    Update to the Google+ web preview brings bug fixes, larger profile images and more

    The Google+ web preview received an update that started rolling out to users over the weekend. Changes to this web preview include. . . - 101 bug fixes - View large profile images in a gallery - Improved people search results - An updated design for the Following screen - Ability to see...
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    Google+ 7.1 update squashed bugs and imrpoves navigation

    The latest Google+ update is out, fixing a total of 37 bigs throughout the app and offering 17 "accessibility" improvements. Now you can easily jump to the top of your feed or in multiple ways without having to endlessly scroll using your thumb.
  17. Android News

    Google Play Games will no longer require you to sign in via Google+

    If you've ever been frustrated by having to sign in to your Google+ account before being to play any games, there's some good news for you. In an upcoming update, Google Play Games will no longer require the use of Google+, instead, users will be signed in via their Google accounts automatically.
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    Google+ might finally be getting Chrome Custom Tabs support

    Chrome Custom Tabs is a recent Android feature that allows apps to open third-party content in Google Chrome without kicking users out of the app. This is preferential to webview because it allows users to browse content with their cookies and history, and it's preferential to taking you to the...
  19. Android News

    Google+ on the Web is Updated with Bug Fixes and New Features

    If you're using the new Google+ preview interface for the web then you likely have been missing out on a number of features. Along with the dozens of bugs that have been fixed, Google+ will now let you pin posts to your profile, move posts to your collections and now it's easier to invite...
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    Google+ 7.0 Update Brings Bug Fixes and UI/UX Improvements

    Google is rolling out the v7.0 update to their Google+ application. Changes include. . . - 69 bugs fixed - 14 accessibility issues addressed - Automatically hide the bottom tab bar when scrolling (note: not on Notifications screen yet) - The home stream now remembers your position when you...
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    Google+ update gives Notifications its own full-paged tab

    The latest update to Google+ for Android makes a minor change to how notifications are displayed. The tab on the lower right used to slide a pane in from the right side of your display, but pressing the button will now bring up a full page design instead of being laid atop the content you were...
  22. Android News

    Google+ App Updated To v6.8 and the New UI Starts to Roll Out

    Yesterday, it was announced that Google+ was going to receive a major UI redesign across all platforms. Some have been able to access it via the web while others have been waiting for their apps to update. That update to the Android app is here and some users are reporting that they get the new...
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    How to Manually Activate the New Google+ Interface on the Web

    Stephen from 9 to 5 Google was able to figure out how to manually toggle the new Google+ design when viewing the web version. The steps are. . . Go to the Settings pane (located in the left drop-down menu) Scroll down to the “Manage other apps & activity” section Click on “Manage Google+...
  24. Android News

    Google Announces a Huge Redesign for Google+

    It's become cliche to say that Google+ is dead and that the Mountain View tech giant isn't doing anything with it. The company has just announced and previewed a complete redesign of their social network with plans on how to bring the unique content that users' want directly into view.