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google adwords

  1. Android News

    EU now investigating Google for ad business

    The EU is hitting Google with another series of antitrust objections. Specifically, they are targeting Google's ad business. They believe Google uses their dominant position to make Google Shopping ads more favorable, as well as restrict their partners from showing search ads from competing...
  2. Android News

    Google Maps will now drop branded pins when searching for sponsored businesses

    Google has introduced a new ad format. It targets Google Maps, and it lets advertisers place their logo as the icon for a pin on the map instead of the default pin we're used to. The format also allows you to see a richer search result for those places, including a list of stock that the store has.
  3. Android News

    Google announces they will ban Flash ads in 2017

    Google has been one of the leading companies in pushing ahead with an all-HTML5 web, and they've made another big move to keeping up with that goal. All ads on Google Adwords must be HTML5 compliant, and Flash will be banned starting in 2017.