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google cloud

  1. Android News

    Apple confirms it now uses Google Cloud for iCloud services

    Apple has confirmed that it uses Google’s public cloud to store data for its iCloud services in its latest version of the iOS Security Guide last month. Apple had previously used remote data storage systems provided by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  2. Android News

    Google talks about how they're making Google Cloud faster, more available and more cost-effective

    Google was at the Open Networking Summit event today and the company gave a keynote that talked about the future of their Google Cloud Platform. During the talk, we learned about Espresso, Google’s peering edge architecture that will make Google Cloud faster, more available and more cost-effective.
  3. Android News

    The Google Cloud partner awards is a way to recognize customer success and solution innovation

    A lot of people and businesses use Google Cloud and the company wanted a way to highlight those who use innovative solutions for their products. To that end, Google has awarded the following awards to highlight the best of the best. . . - LumApps - Slack - Looker - Palo Alto Networks -...
  4. Android News

    Google talks about changes that will increase the security of Google Cloud

    Among other enterprise level announcements today, Google also talked about some security features that have been added across Google Cloud. This includes Identity-Aware Proxy, data loss prevention, a key management system, security key enforcement, Google Vault for Google Drive, and Titan.
  5. Android News

    Google is now able to recognize objects in videos thanks to its machine learning technology

    Machine learning is big part of Google Cloud and the company has just announced they're able to recognize objects in videos because of it. They demoed this new Video Intelligence API by playing a short commercial and letting the API identify the dachshund in the video.
  6. Android News

    Google talks about how using Google Cloud, Android, and Chrome can transform your business

    Google Cloud's Next convention is happening right now and so they wanted to talk about how some businesses are using three of the company's big services. In a blog post, we learn that Coca-Cola used Google Cloud to build a new signage. That a UK pest control company named Rentokil Initial is...
  7. Android News

    Google suggests 8 G Suite sessions at Google Cloud Next 2017 you should check out

    Google Cloud Next 2017 is coming up in a few weeks and Google wants you to take a look at a number of sessions that will be on hand. This list includes talks on the introduction of Google Cloud Machine Learning, ways to create custom G Suite apps and more.
  8. Android News

    Google announces they have acquired Qwiklabs

    Qwiklabs was founded in 2012 and has provided hands-on lab learning environments for multiple cloud platforms and infrastructure software vendors. Google has just announced they have acquired them, and will use their talent to offer training for all of their Google Cloud products including...
  9. Android News

    Google has now opened up its machine learning tricks to developers

    Google is clearly putting a lot of focus into their machine learning techniques, and the more data they have the more accurate it will be. So the company has now launched a public beta tool that enables developers to utilize the technology directly from the Google Cloud Platform.
  10. Android News

    Google Apps for Work is now called G Suite

    Google is really getting serious when it comes to branding this year, and their latest change is what Google Apps for Work will be known as. Google Apps for Work was originally called Google Apps for Your Domain when it was launched 10 years ago, but will now simply be called G Suite.
  11. Android News

    Google+ has been made a core service on Google for Work

    Today, Google announced that Google+ would now be considered a core service for the company's Google for Work program. This means that Google+ will have the same technical support and service level commitments as any other core service offered by the program.
  12. Android News

    Google for Work may be renamed to Google Cloud sometime next month

    Google is reportedly preparing to rename its Google for Work services to "Google Cloud". This will include apps such as Docs and Inbox, and will also include Chromebooks and Android devices. The changes are said to be coming at an event on September 29th.