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google contributor

  1. Android News

    You can now signup to be informed about the new Google Contributor

    Google recently announced the closure of Google Contributor, but then told us they were working on a better version. At the bottom of the Google Contributor page now, you'll find a link to a signup form where you can register to receive information about it when it become available.
  2. Android News

    Google Contributor has officially been shut down

    We recently learned that Google would be shutting down Google Contributor, but they didn't give an exact date. Today it's been discovered that the service is no longer available and current accounts are being closed.
  3. Android News

    Google says they're shutting down their current Google Contributor program next month

    Google Contributor was a way for people to visit websites without seeing as many ads, and it also offered a way to help support the websites you liked to visit. However, an email sent from Google says they plan on ending the current program in the middle of January so they can replace it in...