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google fiber tv

  1. Android News

    Google Fiber TV app gets updated with faster DVR recording

    Google has slowly been refreshing its content delivery apps and the Google Fiber TV app for iOS & Android is no exception. It's now easier to begin recording your content to DVR and using machine learning, the app will recommend shows you might want to record ahead of time.
  2. Android News

    Google announces an updated UI for their fiber TV service

    Google's fiber company offers a number of different services from internet to telephone and even TV service too. They have just announced a huge update to the Fiber TV service that completely overhauls the user interface and they're telling us that current customer will get the update "in the...
  3. Android News

    Google Cast now supported in Google Fiber TV boxes

    Google today announced availability of Google Cast functionality inside their Fiber TV boxes. The functionality will be enabled automatically with no additional hardware or update steps needed on the user's part. Simply connect to the Fiber WiFi network in your home and choose to cast whatever...