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google fuchsia

  1. Android News

    Here's Google’s Fuchsia OS running on the Pixelbook

    ArsTechnica was able to get Google's mysterious Fuchsia OS working on a Pixelbook. Ron Amadeo takes us through the new (but clearly unfinished) software.
  2. Android News

    Video of Google's Fuchsia OS appears

    After seeing screenshots of Fuchsia's new UI, a video of the goods have appeared. A developer has made it easy to try Fuchsia on an Android device by compiling it as an APK.
  3. Android News

    Google's mysterious Fuchsia OS gets a UI

    Fuchsia is a Google operating system that once only existed as a command line, but its latest updates have introduced a graphical user interface reminiscent of more modern smartphone operating systems. It's still unclear why Fuchsia exists and what Google's plans for it are.
  4. Android News

    Google may be working on a new OS

    New hints suggest Google is working on a new operating system behind the scenes. It's not yet clear what the OS may be used for, but it seems to be based on linux and geared toward embedded devices. The OS codename is Fuchsia.