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google glass

  1. Android News

    Google Glass could make a comeback according to Rick Osterloh

    Rick Osterloh, the head of Google’s hardware division, said hi-tech glasses were “very interesting to us”, although he admitted it would be years before they will become a mass market product.
  2. O

    Google Glass has reached a new chapter

    The Google Glass team has provided an update to let us know their current efforts. It seems the team is back working under Google X Labs and is collaborating with Google's Cloud team. They mention that they're still adapting Glass for use in a wide range of enterprise industries, with companies...
  3. Android News

    Latest Google Glass firmware update adds support for Bluetooth

    Google Glass owners get to look forward to a new firmware update that started rolling out yesterday. The update is labeled XE23 and it adds support for Bluetooth as well as fixing some previously reported bugs.
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    Google sends out the Glass EX23 firmware update with support for Bluetooth input devices

    After seeing an update to the MyGlass companion app, Google has pushed an update to Google Glass which includes support Bluetooth input devices without the need for a third-party application.
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    Google updates its MyGlass app after 3 years

    Google has just updated its MyGlass app for Google Glass for the first time in 3 years. The update includes power management options and notification syncing without interrupting Android Wear.
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    The Pixel’s HDR+ mode originated from Google Glass

    Google has revealed that the HDR+ camera mode on its Pixel phones was originally thought up for Google Glass. Since Google's wearable computer couldn't fit in a large imaging sensor, Google's software team worked on the software so that it could analyze multiple images and merge them together...
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    Apple rumored to be working on its own version of Google Glass

    A new rumor claims that Apple has ordered a "small quantities of near-eye displays" and will be using them to develop augmented reality glasses which could connect to an iPhone to display images and notifications within the wearer's field of vision - similar to Google Glass. The product in...
  8. Rob

    Leak: Snapchat is making Google Glass-like recording "Spectacles" [VIDEO]

    Business Insider has obtained a video for "Spectacles" by "Snap Inc" that show sunglasses with a circular camera in the top right of their frame. The camera illuminates while recording and the video seems to depict a commercial illustrating special moments such glasses could be used. Snapchat...
  9. Android News

    Recent Google patent shows Google Glass using AAA batteries

    A recent patent filing with the Untied States shows a photo of Google Glass running on AAA batteries. It's unclear if Google designed this just for the patent, or if they actually plan on using it in their upcoming version of Google Glass
  10. Android News

    Boeing uses Google Glass to help them build wire harnesses for their airplanes

    Google Glass has always been a unique product that never did get off the ground as a consumer product. Since then, Google has shifted its focus to the commercial market and Boeing is using it right now. Boeing's research and technology division actually used the first generation of the product...
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    'Glass Enterprise Edition' moniker spotted on Google's support website

    Google's support website now contains a dedicated page that details safety, regulatory, recycling, and handling information for the Glass Enterprise Edition as well as its official accessories.
  12. Android News

    Samsung Ahead might be Samsung’s version of Google Glass

    Samsung has filed a trademark application from an as yet unannounced product called Ahead, the patent filing includes a logo and describes it as a wearable computer “in the shape of a helmet.” The patent filing also details that this product will an operating software for wearable digital...
  13. Android News

    Solos is a pair of smart glasses that the US Olympic cycling team is training with

    Solos will likely remind you of Google Glass since it gives you a HUD via a pair of glasses that you wear. This product is aimed at cyclists though and the company has been working with the US Olympic cycling team to perfect the software and hardware experience. You can pre-order your pair...
  14. Android News

    Unreleased Google Glass Enterprise Edition headset revealed on eBay

    A San Francisco pawn shop has listed what appears to be the unreleased Google Glass Enterprise Edition. This is notably different than the Explorer edition that was released back in 2013, especially when looking at the frame and the hinges. Google seems to have been stepping away from the...
  15. E

    Google Glass social media accounts go inactive

    Something is going on with Project Aura(aka Google Glass) as the product's social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are no longer active. Google recently released an Enterprise Edition of the Google Glass product, which is meant for businesses, but this move could mean the...
  16. E

    The FCC Certifies Google Glass Enterprise Edition

    The new version of Google Glass is for businesses only and they will soon be distributed through Google's Glass for Work startups. The new model has a larger prism, it's waterproof, it has a hinge to allow it to be folded(like normal glasses) and it is said to be able to withstand bumps within...
  17. Android News

    New Google Glass patent appears, could hint toward adjustable head unit

    A new wearable patent from Google has popped up, and it looks to be addressing the wearable Google Glass. The patent suggests Google is exploring ways to make te head unit more flexible and modular in order to provide the ultimate control and comfort.
  18. Android News

    The Team Behind Google Glass is Working on a Wearable that isn't Glasses

    The Aura squad isn't ditching screens altogether. While the audio-focused gadget would be fashioned as a "sport" device, The Information reports, Google is working on two other devices with screens aimed at businesses that may need the head-mounted display. So while Glass as a product may be...