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google now on tap

  1. Android News

    The screenshot button has disappeared from Google Now on Tap

    Google Now on Tap used to include a feature that would allow you to easily take screenshots, but more than a few users are now reporting that this option has been removed.
  2. Android News

    In the latest beta, Google Now on Tap is renamed to "Screen Search"

    The latest update to the Google beta application makes the "In Apps" mode shortcut available to anyone running Android Nougat. This allows users to quickly search installed apps without navigating through your app drawer. Now that this update is live, there are a few other changes including...
  3. Android News

    Google Now on Tap will bring up Google Now cards when there's nothing to show

    Google Now on Tap will not return any useful results if you use the feature on a screen with no usable information. That will change as Google has started showing Google Now cards in instances where Now on Tap doesn't bring anything up. The feature is currently live in the beta version of the app.
  4. Android News

    Google Now on Tap gets translations from any screen and better discovery tools

    Google has revealed a big new update to Google Now on Tap. For starters, you can now translate foreign text from any screen by holding the home button. The company is also making it easier to discover information and multimedia with a new Discover Mode, including the ability to scan QR codes and...
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    Android users can access Google Now On Tap without enabling Google Now cards

    Previously users needed to opt-in to Google Now cards on their phones or tablets in order to access Now On Tap. But with the latest server-side change, you can now disable the "show cards" option in the Now Cards section of the app's settings menu. Before now turning this off on Android 6.0+...
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    User says Google Now on Tap doesn't require Google Now cards to be enabled to work

    Someone on Reddit says they just receive a Google app update that brought it to version They say that once the update was applied, they are now able to use Google Now on Tap, without having to enable Google Now cards. When checking this myself, I can confirm that Google Now on Tap...
  7. Android News

    Google Now on Tap adds option to select words for search queries

    Google Now on Tap's ability to pull up information based on what's currently on your screen is nice, but it's not always accurate. Thankfully Google seems to be implementing a feature that lets you select the exact text you want info on. It seems the feature is only showing up for a small...
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    According to local users, Google's Now on Tap is rolling out in Brazil

    Google's useful tool to search anything on your screen, Now on Tap, is now rolling out to users in Brazil.
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    Google Now on Tap’s screenshot feature is disappearing for some people

    A bug seems to be making the screenshot feature in Google Now on Tap disappear for many people. Some have reported seeing the feature disappear and come back, while others haven't seen it leave altogether.
  10. Android News

    There’s a better way to take screenshots in Android Marshmallow

    Here's a Google Now on Tap trick you may not have known about: its ability to help you take easier screenshots. It involves a simple tap of the share button when you bring up Google Now on Tap in whichever app you're using. The catch is that it requires Android Marshmallow,
  11. Android News

    Google Now on Tap adds more languages, refined capabilities for the holdiays

    Google Now on Tap is getting an update that adds support for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Korean. Furthermore, the update will let you launch Now on Tap when looking at a flight confirmation email to get an instant and easy look at that flight's current status.