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google onhub

  1. Android News

    Latest Google WiFi and OnHub update adds support for IPv6 and more

    Google just started rolling out a new firmware update for Google WiFi and their OnHub devices that bring their versions up to 9460.40.5 and come with the following changes. . . - IPv6: You can now enable Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) on Google Wifi - Family Wi-Fi: Warning appears when...
  2. Android News

    Google says they're aware of the data count bug with OnHub and Google WiFi

    The application that Google uses to monitor and interact with your OnHub/Google WiFi network has a feature that will count the amount of data being transferred across a network. However, there's a bug that makes this app display the wrong number here. Google has acknowledged the issue and says...
  3. Android News

    How the Google OnHub router affects your Google WiFi network

    Jerry from Android Central takes a look at how network performance is affected when combining the Google OnHub router to your Google WiFi network.
  4. Android News

    OnHub gets smart features with IFTTT support

    OnHub's latest update makes it possible to control your smart home and other things thanks to its new IFTTT integration. IFTTT -- short for If This, Then That - is a service that helps you automatically perform actions based on conditions. If something happens, do this. The update also makes...