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google play movies

  1. Android News

    Google Play Movies showing bonus content in Movies Anywhere

    Movies purchased from Google Play appear to have extra content enabled in Movies Anywhere when you link the two accounts.
  2. Android News

    Apple & Google join forces so you can watch your Movies Anywhere

    Google has announced support for Movies Anywhere, so you can join your Google Play Movies, iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu accounts and access purchased movies on any device no matter where you purchased the content.
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    Google Play matches Apple’s $20 price for select 4K titles

    Google Play has priced select 4K movie titles at $19.99, a $10 reduction compared to most other titles. This comes after Apple made a similar move.
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    DEAL: Amityville: The Awakening will be coming exclusively to the Google Play Store

    Following the exclusive launch of Peter Dinklage's Rememory on Play Movies, Google doesn't seem to be slowing down and is already at it with another exclusive for its movies and TV service. This time, forget the drama, we're full on horror/thriller/gore with Amityville: The Awakening.
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    Rememory will debut on Google Play before hitting the movie theaters

    Rememory is an upcoming sci-fi mystery movie from director Mark Palansky, starring Peter Dinklage, Julia Ormond, and the late Anton Yelchin. In a rare move, it will get its debut on Google Play Movies & TV before it hits theatres.
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    You can now play HDR content from Google Play Movies & TV

    Google has introduced 4K Ultra HD (UHD) content via Google Play Movies & TV, making it possible to stream your favorite shows in 4K via the Chromecast Ultra.
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    Rogue One is Now Available on Google Play Movies!

    Star Wars fans will be delighted to hear that Rogue One is now available through Google Play Movies for $19.99. For that price you get the movie in HD, but we suspect a 4K version will soon be making an appearance as well.
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    DEAL: Get half-off any season or movie on the Play Store

    From now until April 15th, Google is offering half-off any season of a TV show or half-off a movie. You don't need to use a discount code or anything to take advantage of this discount.
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    DEAL: Google Play Movies celebrates President's Day by offering discounts on 36 movies

    With President's Day right around the corner, Google is kicking off the celebrations early with discounts on 36 movies which are available through Google Play Movies. Some of the most popular titles include the new Ghost Busters movie, The Girl on the Train, The Peanuts Movie, Pan and Money Monster.
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    DEAL: War of the Arrows available for free on Google Play Movies

    If you happen to live in the US or Canada, you can claim a free copy of War of the Arrows through Google Play Movies.
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    Samsung's 2016 smart TVs get the Google Play Movies & TV app

    The Google Play Movies and TV app is now available for Samsung's 2016 smart TV lineup. While Samsung's smart TVs do not run on the Android TV platform, this move will allow Google to expand its reach and allow it to become the dominant player in the on-demand videos space.
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    NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV can't play 4K content from Google Play Movies

    When Google Play Movies rolled out 4K content recently, the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV was surprisingly missing from the "supported devices" list. While the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV can play 4K content quite easily, its lack of compatibility with Google's 4K content likely comes down to its...
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    Google's Cyber Monday deal for Google Play Movies gets you 50% off any movie

    Google is celebrating Cyber Monday along with Black Friday, and right now you can get 50% off the purchase of any movie in the Play Store. This deal even works on movie bundles as well (even ones that are currently on sale).
  14. Android News

    4K content begins trickling onto Google Play Movies

    While the Chromecast Ultra is capable of streaming 4K video, there's not much 4K video on Google Play Movies to be streamed. That appears to be changing as redditors have discovered new 4K content is slowly appearing in the app.
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    New update for Play Movies & TV will now notify you of expiring rewards

    The Play Movies & TV application has been updated to version 3.19. This update brings notifications for expiring rewards, a channel for trailers, TV show recommendations, and prepares for the release of 4K content.
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    How to: Download and share content via Google Play

    Android Central has provided a thorough guide on how to download and share movies, music, and books via the Google Play Store.
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    Ghost Team is now available for free on Google Play

    Ghost Team, a comedy starring Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite is now available on Google Play for free. For those who don't know (presumably most of you), Ghost Team is a movie which follows the ghost hunting adventures of a group of friends. Inevitably, things take a turn for the worse when...
  18. Android News

    Google Play Movies now outputs Dolby Digital Plus surround sound audio on Android TV and Roku

    Google today announced that movies on Google Play Movies now finally output Dolby Digital Plus surround sound audio on Android TV devices and Roku. There's nothing you have to do to take advantage: simply press play on one of your favorite movies and enjoy!
  19. Android News

    Independence Day is $.99 on Google Play for Earth Day

    Google is celebrating Earth Day, so they're putting on a sale or a movie about saving the earth from devastating destruction. It's none other than Independence Day. It stars Will Smith as a marine who has taken on a personal vendetta against a colony of invading aliens. The movie is on sale for...
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    Google reveals new icons for Google Play family of apps

    Google today revealed new icons for all their Google Play apps, including Google Play Music, Books, Movies, Games, and Newsstand. The apps all use Google Play's play-button shaped logo in a consistent design scheme.
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    Google Play Movies has just been launched in Turkey

    Google is slowly but surely bringing their services to more parts of the world and today Turkey gets some Google Play Movies love.
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    Deal: 75% off any movie rental at Google Play

    Need a flick to watch but want to save some dough? Google's latest offer is for you. They're taking 75% off of one movie rental, and this applies to ANY movie in their catalog. Dig in.
  23. Android News

    You can now get The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 in the Play Store

    We already know the new Star Wars movie will be on Google Play at the start of next month but now there's another movie to tide us over until then. You can purchase The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 in the Play Store right now at $15 for the standard version and $20 for the HD version.
  24. Android News

    You can get 50% off any movie rental on Google Play right now

    By clicking/tapping on the source link below, you'll be taken to the Google Play Store and be given the opportunity to redeem this offer. The offer looks to be valid until March 17th and can be redeemed in the following regions. . . - US, CA, AU, BR, MX, UK, DE, FR, RU, IT, SE, NO, DK, FI, and ZA
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    Google discounts select movies up to 50% off

    Google Play Movies' hot deals of the week promotion is discounting over 20 movies in the Play Store right now. Discounts are as high as 50% and bring some movies down as low as $5.99 includes such films as Taxi Driver, District 9, Captain Phillips, The Boxtrolls, Seventh Son, American Ultra...