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google play music all access

  1. Android News

    Google Play Music All Access is now available in India

    Google Play Music All Access is finally available to those in India and is priced at just ₹89, while Google is also providing a 30-day trial.
  2. Android News

    Kanye's Life of Pablo album is now available to stream on Google Play Music, Spotify and Apple Music

    Kanye West famously declared his latest studio album -- The Life of Pablo -- would never be available anywhere other than Tidal, the music service his business partner Jay Z is behind. Well, I guess he's a liar: it's available for listening on Google Play, Spotify and Apple Music right now. The...
  3. Android News

    Music streaming services compared, Apple Music vs Spotify vs Google Play Music All Access

    Joe of Android Authority takes a look at three big players in Android's online music streaming service. . .Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play Music All Access He feels Google Play Music All Access wins because it also gives you access to YouTube Red and this alone gives the user so much more...
  4. Android News

    After Being Switched to YouTube Red, Some YouTube Music Key Beta Users Have Lost Their GPM Subs

    Before YouTube Red, Google experimented with a service called YouTube Music Key. With the launch of YouTube Red though, these beta customers have been switched to the new service which is also supposed to come with a subscription to Google Play Music. However, some of these users are reporting...