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google self-driving cars

  1. Android News

    Google's self-driving car project spins out as its own company

    The self-driving car project underway at Google and Alphabet is being advanced in a structural way today. TechCrunch reports that Google is spinning the project off into its own company called Waymo. The company will operate as an independent company under the Alphabet umbrella.
  2. Android News

    The door on Google's self-driving car has its own patent

    It's not enough to patent an entire car. Google had to patent the door design for their self-driving car, as well. The door on Google's car doesn't necessarily do any unique, but it appears the company wants to protect its design anyway.
  3. Android News

    Google is building a self-driving car research center near Detroit

    Detroit is widely known as the birthplace of the modern automobile, so it only makes sense Google will look to focus some of their self-driving car efforts there. The company is building a new research center for the cars in Novi, Michigan, which is just outside the Detroit area.
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    Google's latest self-driving car idea will stick pedestrians to the hood of a car in accidents

    Google has a very interesting idea for their self-driving car. While they think the cars will be very safe, they have to prepare for the inevitable accidents. The latest patent deals with potential accidents with pedestrians. If the car hits a pedestrian at a forceful enough speed, an adhesive...
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    Google and Chrysler reportedly teaming up for a self-driving minivan

    Bloomberg is reporting that Google and Chrysler have teamed up to bring a consumer-style self-driving vehicle to the road as soon as this year. The vehicle would be a minivan. It's not yet known if the deployment is for testing or for a limited commercial run. The minivan will be based on the...
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    Google's self-driving car is close to graduating from X Labs

    Google's self-driving car project has been seen as a moonshot project to date, as it has existed under their X Labs division. It seems things are getting serious, though. Astro Teller reportedly suggested the project is so far along that it's close to graduating from X Labs. This could mean it...