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google street view

  1. Android News

    Google Street View now shows the International Space Station

    If you’ve always wanted to poke around inside a spaceship but don’t ever wish to leave the safety of Earth, Google Street View now lets you explore the International Space Station (ISS) right from your computer.
  2. Android News

    New places in Africa have been added to Google Street View

    Google has added new places in Ghana, Senegal, and Uganda to Google Street View.
  3. Android News

    Google Street View can now take you on a virtual trip to Argentina's national parks

    Many people would love to see what sights Argentina has to offer, but simply can't find the time or money to go there. This is where Google Street View comes into play because you can now see some of the country's most beautiful national parks right from the Android and iOS application.
  4. Android News

    You can now explore a South African safari with Google Street View

    The Mzansi Experience is a new project launched by the Google Maps team that lets you experience a South African safari without having to spend any money on the trip. There, you can see animals like a rhinoceros grazing the plains, an elephant eating some grass, a herd of buffalo running around...
  5. Android News

    Google Street View now lets you walk through sports stadiums and arenas

    Google is expanding its Street View feature in Google Maps to let you actually go inside of various stadiums, arenas and even NASCAR tracks. The company mentions venues like the Homestead Miami Speedway, Century Link Stadium, Dick’s Sporting Good’s Park, MAPFRE Stadium, Verizon Center in DC...
  6. Android News

    You can now visit 40 US national parks thanks to Google Street View

    Google has just announced that it has brought 40 different US national parks to its Street View map service. It teamed up with the National Park Service and now has 360-degree Street View imagery for these national parks as well as historic sites like Alcatraz and Montezuma Castle
  7. Android News

    Explore Europe's highest peak - Mont Blanc - with Google Street View [VIDEO]

    Google has teamed up with a team of adventurers to film every nook and cranny of the glorious Mont Blanc in stunning HD. Take a look and learn more about the expedition.
  8. Android News

    Google Street View Expands into Jordan’s Past and Present

    Users can now launch Google Maps, activate Google Street View and explore over 30 historical sites from within the country of Jordan.