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google x labs

  1. Android News

    Alphabet's burrito-by-drone deliveries now fly in Australia

    Google X Labs has announced that Project Wing drone deliveries are now being tested in Australia. As with the initial tests, they will look to deliver burritos, but Google has also partnered with pharmacies to test prescription medicine, too.
  2. Android News

    Google is still working on a standalone VR/AR headset

    While Recode is reporting that a Google X Lab VR headset project has been scrapped, sources have confirmed with Engadget that Google is still working on a VR/AR headset which doesn't require it to be connected to a smartphone or PC. The device's main focus would be on augmented reality and would...
  3. Android News

    Google's self-driving car is close to graduating from X Labs

    Google's self-driving car project has been seen as a moonshot project to date, as it has existed under their X Labs division. It seems things are getting serious, though. Astro Teller reportedly suggested the project is so far along that it's close to graduating from X Labs. This could mean it...