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  1. Android News

    Engadget: GoPro's Plus service will replace your busted camera

    GoPro has changed its Plus service to now offer camera replacements for busted cameras in addition to its backup capabilities for your photos and storage. You now get unlimited photo storage space and 250GB space for video.
  2. Android News

    GoPro's Fusion camera is ready to work with a few Android phones

    An update to GoPro's Android app allows certain phones (listed below) to pair with the camera and share 360-degree stills or video clips.
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    GoPro is putting itself up for sale

    CNBC is reporting that Go Pro is putting itself up for sale and will be enlisting the help of JP Morgan to facilitate a buyer. This news comes after several layoffs were announced.
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    GoPro will stop selling drones once remaining Karma inventory is gone

    GoPro's stock fell nearly 25% after reporting that they are laying off as many as 300 of their staff and exiting the drone business.
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    Deal: $200 off GoPro Karma bundles

    Amazon is taking $200 off GoPro Karma drone bundles. The Hero5 Black bundle is $899 after the discount, while the newer Hero6 model is down to $999.
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    GoPro has announced the Hero6 camera

    GoPro has announced the new Hero6 action camera and has updated the Android app to include support.
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    GoPro's QuikStories automatically creates a video clip for you

    GoPro has updated their Quik App to produce what it calls QuikStories, which are short videos generated automatically from your footage that you can upload to sites like Instagram.
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    GoPro Karma drone launches in the UK

    The GoPro Karma drone has landed in the UK. The drone itself starts at £870, while the bundle with a GoPro Hero 5 will cost you £1,200.
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    The GoPro Karma drone is back on sale today

    After being recalled around the 2016 Holiday season, the GoPro Karma drone is available again through "select retailers" and the GoPro online show.
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    GoPro offers a free HERO5 Black to customers who purchased the KARMA drone

    A couple of weeks ago GoPro announced they were having to recall their newly launched KARMA drone due to some technical issues some units were experiencing. As an apologize, the company has promised to give away a free HERO5 Black device as a complimentary gift.
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    GoPro has recalled their new Karma drone

    If you have purchased the GoPro Karma drone, you should know that the company has just filed for a recall on the device. GoPro tells us that they have discovered a number of units are losing power during regular operation.
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    GoPro Karma review says it is a decent drone with stiff competition

    James from Engadget just published his review of the GoPro Karma and felt it was better fit as a drone for those who want to make movies, and not someone who just wants to fly a drone around.
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    GoPro Hero 5 Black & Hero 5 Session now available for purchase!

    GoPro has officially launched their first new cameras in 2 years: you can now buy the Hero 5 Black for $400 and the Hero 5 Session for $300. The GoPro Karma drone will be available on October 23rd with the option to purchase a discounted package including the drone, camera, and more, so Karma...
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    Specs and pricing of the DJI Mavic Pro compared to the GoPro Karma and DJI Phantom 4

    DJI just announced their latest drone, the Mavic Pro, and it's surprisingly light, compact and portable. Joe of Phandroid has put together a chart that compares the specs and price of this new drone to the GoPro Karma and DJI Phantom 4 to help you decide on which one meets your criteria.
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    Hands-on with the GoPro Karma drone says it's an impressive device

    Engadget was able to spend about 10 minutes with the newly announced GoPro Karma drone. They appreciated the simple design and layout of the controller menus, saying it was very easy to fly and pair with a GoPro camera.
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    Chart compares details of the new GoPro Karma to the DJI Phantom 3 and 4 drones

    With the official announcement of the GoPro Karma drone, some people were curious about how it compares to other popular drones on the market. Joe of Phandroid has put together a chart that compares the stats of the Karma, Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 drones with information like weight, max speed...
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    The GoPro Karma Drone will be coming on October 23rd for $799

    GoPro has unveiled its Karma Drone and it will be released on October 23rd for $799 and goes head to head with the DJI Phantom Drone lineup.
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    GoPro Hero5 Black vs GoPro Hero4 Black comparison

    GoPro has unveiled its latest camera, the GoPro Hero5, and is going up against the previous GoPro Hero4 Black. The comparison includes a chart with the various specs to show how well the GoPro Hero5 Black stacks up against its predecessor.
  19. Android News

    GoPro will be announcing the Karma Drone at 12PM Eastern

    If you're interested in seeing what GoPro has been working on, the company will be unveiling the Karma Drone and Hero 5 during a live-stream at 12PM Eastern.
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    GoPro says their Karma drone will take flight on September 19th

    GoPro first announced their first drone back in December of last year. It was supposed to release in the first half of the year, but was delayed until the holiday season. Today though, the company has announced the GoPro Karma drone will "take flight" on September 19th.
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    GoPro delays the release of their Karma Drone until the holiday season

    The last time GoPro talked about their upcoming drone, it was said that we would see it released in the first half of 2016. We're only a month away from that deadline but it seems the company has already been forced to delay its release. GoPro tells investors they are confident it will be...
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    GoPro's Quik video editor exits beta

    GoPro has released Quik for everyone as it now sheds its beta tag. The app automatically selects from a collection of video and photos to create highlight reel. They automatically select transitions, effects and music to go along with the video. The app is available for all users to use, not...
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    GoPro reveals developer program to let developers create apps for their cameras

    GoPro today announced the forthcoming availability of a developer program. The company will provide support, documentation and APIs for creating apps and other hardware that can work with GoPro headsets.
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    After the GoPro acquision, Replay enters the Play Store as GoPro Quik

    GoPro recently acquired a couple of video editing apps/teams in hopes of expanding their action camera platform. The company has rebranded this Replay video editor as GoPro Quik and it is in the Google Play Store right now. You'll need to join the beta first, if you want to download it from the...
  25. Android News

    GoPro acquires both Replay and Splice, hopes to improve their users' mobile editing experience

    GoPro has just announced a couple of acquisitions that will make editing GoPro videos much easier on mobile devices in the future. The 2 apps, Splice and Replay, are currently on iOS and have Android releases planned for sometime this year.