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  1. kris443

    (solved) BT/headset auto vol reduce when connect - how remove

    This is a safety feature. So, every time I connect a headset to my phone, I have to connect to somebody and then turn my headset vol up. pita. Any way to modify/remove/mollify this "feature"? Thanks Moto one 5g ace on 12, current, STOCK. Happens on any headset. Current is Skullcandy Indy Evo...
  2. T

    Can't call after a call when wired

    Hello all. I may have missed the solution to this but here goes. While using a wired headset if a call has ended I am unable to make a call until I manually clear the details from my phone screen of the previous call. If there a way to sort this out as it is 'annoying' It has happened with...
  3. Android News

    Deal: LG Tone Studio headphones for $156 (33% off)

    Amazon has discounted the LG Tone Studio headphones from $229 down to just $157. The Bluetooth headphones have a built-in Hi-Fi DAC, three equalizer modes, and a dual play mode for connecting two speakers together.
  4. Android News

    Google's Daydream platform for Android includes reference designs for a headset and controller

    During the VR section of the Google I/O 2016 keynote, we learned that Google had created reference designs for their Daydream platform. This will help manufacturers create both a headset and a motion controller for those devices that will be considered VR-ready.