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htc one m10

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    The HTC 10 will feature a Super LCD 5 display and a 3000mAh battery

    HTC's next flagship, the HTC 10, has seen its fair share of leaks over the last few weeks or so. Early this morning, @evleaks shared a couple more pieces of info about the HTC 10. The next device to come from HTC is expected to feature a SuperLCD display and carry a 3,000mAh battery underneath.
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    HTC claims their upcoming flagship will have world class cameras

    HTC is continuing to give the hype train for their upcoming flagship more momentum with today's teaser. Today's Twitter post says the HTC 10 will have a "world first", "world class" front and back camera.
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    New leaked photos show what seems to be the upcoming HTC 10

    We've seen some alleged renders, and there have been one or two close up photos of what is said to be the upcoming HTC 10 already. Today, another leak reveals what could be both the front and the back of HTC's upcoming flagship. The photo shows small hardware buttons that light up through the...
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    HTC dropping "One" branding, M10 to launch as the HTC 10

    According to the latest HTC rumor, the upcoming launch of the HTC One M10 will be accompanies by a new branding scheme for the company's flagship phones. Evan Blass shared a Tweet which suggests that the One M10 will simply be named the HTC 10. Losing the One branding may be a bit shocking to...
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    HTC's latest M10 teaser says they're obsessed

    HTC is pushing forward their 'power of 10' teaser campaign for their upcoming flagship smartphone. The ad focuses on a building as its lights slowly go out one by one. The narrator is talking about how they are staying up later than they should so they can focus on making the smartphone better...
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    HTC One M10 name pops up in online survey, alleged camera shot also leaks

    It was once rumored HTC would go with a different naming scheme for their next flagship, but all signs point to the company sticking with the tried and true "One M" scheme. A new online survey on the company's website refers to the device as HTC One M10, so it's safe to say that'll be its name...
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    New rumor reveals what could be the storage options for the HTC One M10

    LlabTooFeR is known for his HTC leaks and the man revealed today what he feels will be the storage options for HTC's upcoming flagship. LlabTooFeR believes there will be three different models including 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and he says the model(s) available to you will depend on what market you...
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    HTC says to expect a "very, very compelling" camera experience on their next phone

    HTC has started teasing their next flagship, and they're slowly trickling out expectations. Speaking with Cnet, the company mentioned that we'll find their next phone camera "very, very compelling." HTC has done some very interesting things with cameras over the years (even if the sheer quality...
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    HTC teases an image of what is likely to be the One M10

    There's been some debate as to whether or not HTC will call their next flagship the M10 or not. While it's still not confirmed, they do use the text "Power of 10" in the teaser image they put up on Twitter today. We also get a slight look at the edges of the device which seem quite similar to...
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    Leaked photo allegedly shows the back of the upcoming HTC flagship

    A photo has been leaked that allegedly shows us what the back of the upcoming HTC flagship will look like. If true, it looks like HTC will be keeping their metal design, but changing some of the details(like the edges, antenna line placement, etc).
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    evleaks reveals the alleged HTC One M10 in a leaked photo

    Evan Blass has published a photo on Twitter that shows what he says is the upcoming HTC One M10 in White
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    HTC Perfume rumor roundup from Pocketnow

    With so many HTC One M10 rumors floating around these days, Pocketnow thought it would be a good idea to sort through the clutter and give as a clear look at all the information that's been revealed over the past few months. Since HTC still has not made any official claims regarding the...
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    Rumor reveals details of HTC's M10 camera sensors

    LlabTooFeR is known for his leaks about HTC devices and today he revealed possible details of both the front and the back camera sensors for their upcoming flagship. The rear camera is said to be a 12 MP Sony IMX377 sensor and this is the same one we see in the Nexus 5X and 6P. However...
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    Rumor claims HTC One M10 will launch in the US the week of May 9

    The latest rumor from @evleaks claims that the retail launch of the HTC One M10 in the US will not come until the week of May 9. There's no indication yet as to when the phone will go on sale in European or Asian markets.
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    HTC One M10 may not launch until April 11, flagship branding to change

    The HTC One M10 may not be the HTC One M10. According to the latest rumor, the launch of the phone is scheduled for April 11 rather than the previously rumored March window. The source also claims that HTC will not be calling the phone the One M10. The "One" moniker will likely remain, but there...
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    HTC One M10 display might actually be 5.2 inches

    The HTC One M10 is in the works, and rumors suggest its display size is a bit bigger than originally reported -- instead of 5.1 inches, it'll come in at 5.2 inches. Not so big of a difference that it should make or break the phone either way, but interesting to note regardless.
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    Real image of the HTC One M10 leaks

    Evleaks is done with the Galaxy S7 leaks, and it's on to the HTC One M10. This offers up our first real look at the device HTC is said to be announcing later this year.
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    Is HTC ready to step in the right direction and move past its failures?

    Android Authority takes a look at the good and bad for HTC over the last few years, and what HTC could do with the M10 to put the company back on the map. With poor performances from the HTC One M9, and camera issues that plagued the M8, we've been waiting for HTC to go back to its roots and...
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    HTC's M10 to have QHD AMOLED display, laser-assisted 12 UltraPixel camera

    A new report out of Venture Beat gives us a taste of what's to come from the HTC M10. The report suggests HTC has finally decided to step up to QHD for the display in this line, and that it'll be of AMOLED variety. We're also said to be expecting a 12 UltraPixel camera.
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    HTC One M10 rumor suggests phone will look like the One A9,heading to AT&T

    According to @evleaks, the HTC One M10 is heading to AT&T. No new details about hte phone's specifications were shared, but @evleaks claims that phone will be appealing for those who like the looks of the HTC One A9.
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    HTC leaker corroborates recent M10 rumor and gives more details

    A rumor started going around yesterday that claimed HTC would not be unveiling their upcoming flagship at MWC 2016. Today, popular HTC leaker LlabTooFeR has confirmed that rumor and says the device(codenamed HTC Perfume) will be announced at a dedicated event. Not only that, but we also learn...
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    The HTC One M10 is rumored to be announced sometime in March, not at MWC

    Some had been expecting HTC to unveil their upcoming flagship at MWC 2016 this year, but a rumor out of China suggests that this will not happen. The rumor says that since HTC is doing a complete redesign of the device, that it has caused the company to delay its announcement and mass...