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huawei fit

  1. Android News

    New Huawei Fit update allows it to track your swimming progress

    The sub-$100 wearable from Huawei has just received a new software update that adds the ability to track your swimming performance. The change allows it to detect your swim style as well as logging your lap times.
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    Deal: Huawei Fit smart fitness watch drops from $130 to $70 for limited time

    Daily Steals' newest deal is the Huawei Fit watch for $69.99, down from the usual price of $129.99. The fitness tracker is available in large and small sizes in the Moonlight Silver color.
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    Huawei Fit review says it has a weak pulse

    Daniel from Android Central just published his review of the Huawei Fit fitness wearable. He feels the price outweighs its value thanks to the competition from companies like Lenovo and Xiaomi.
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    Huawei Fit review asks if it's worth $130

    Andrew from Phandroid just published his review of the newly announced Huawei Fit wearable and he wanted to know if the fitness band was worth the $130 price tag. After using it for a while, he feels the Huawei Fit is everything you could want in a fitness band. The Good - Battery seems to...
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    Hands-on with the Huawei Fit says fitness meets elegance

    Along with the Huawei Mate 9, the company also announced a fitness wearable called the Huawei Fit. Jaime from Pocketnow went hands on with this device today and really enjoyed how the wearable looked.
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    Huawei Fit vs other popular fitness trackers

    With the Huawei Fit wearable announced, Phandroid has put the device up against popular fitness trackers from other companies. Up against the likes of the Fitbit Charge 2, Garmin Vivosmart HR and Samsung Gear Fit 2, the Huawei Fit seems to be as good -- if not a little better -- than those...
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    Huawei Fit review says it doesn't offer much more than others do

    Ars Technica feels the Huawei Fit wearable is a fine fitness tracker, but it doesn't nothing too special that others don't as it's simply "on par" with other options in its price range. The device is at least better than Huawei's previous TalkBand options, though.
  8. Android News

    Huawei Fit hands-on praises its battery life

    An early hands-on look at the Huawei Fit wearable says the watch offers everything you'd expect from a fitness wearable these days. That said, it stands out in one area that should make you consider it above some others: a 6-day battery life on just 2 hours of charging.
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    Huawei Fit hands-on says it feels cheaper than it is

    At $130, the Huawei Fit is already an affordable device, however an early hands-on preview says the device doesn't feel worthy enough for such a price tag. With a relatively slow heart-rate response time and other shortcomings, the device doesn't live up to other options in the same price range...
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    Huawei Honor S1 launches as Huawei Fit in the US, a $130 fitness tracker

    Huawei has unveiled the Huawei Fit. It's a $130 fitness tracker that sports a circuar e-ink display. The Huawei Fit features a heart rate sensor for tracking your workouts and is also water resistant for swimming workouts. The device will be available in the US from Best Buy, Amazon, and Newegg.